Beautiful Corfu in a shiny story: One Last Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot #SummerReading #OneLastGreekSummer #Greece

one last greek summer by mandy baggot book cover

Today I bring you my review for the latest book I read. It’s a sunny, relaxing story set in Greece, and I want more people to know about it. If I’m not mistaken, it is still on sale for only 0,99 pounds on Amazon, so grab it while you can.
I purchased this book via kindle when it first came out because I wanted to support the author. It was published on June 6th and it has 280 pages.


About the book:

FROM GOODREADS / Beth Martin is 31, newly divorced and wondering just what life holds for her…

Best-friend, Heidi, is adamant that all the answers lie in Corfu – the island where the girls partied away their youth. So cue a trip to a sun-drenched Greek island, ouzo cocktails, a trip down memory lane… and Alex Hallas, the man Beth has never quite forgotten.

As they dance under the stars, the sand beneath their toes, old feelings begin to resurface and Beth might just have a chance to take back her life. If they can learn to love the people they’ve become…



Mandy Baggot is one of authors I really like and love to support. I usually always go for her Christmas stories, because she always knows how to awoke Christmas Spirit (I liked her books One Christmas in Paris and One New York Christmas). This time I wanted to read one of her summer reads, since she has so many of them, and let me tell you: she didn’t disappoint!

One Last Greek Summer was exactly what I wanted to read on a beautiful sunny day. It was a relaxing and heart warming story set in wonderful Corfu.
Not only was it full of beautiful descriptions of the island, but it also talked about food and local people.
I was never in Greece myself (of course, I’d like to go there!), and to be honest, before I read this book, I didn’t know there were so many goats living there.
I always imagined Greece as some exotic place, perfect for tourists who love to relax on the beach and eat delicious food, but it never occurred to me to think about animals that live there. I am glad Mandy Baggot opened my eyes, because now Greece sounds even better!

At the end of the book there is a letter from the author in which she tells that she has cottage (or maybe it was house, I can’t remember for sure) in Corfu, so that is the reason why many of her novels are set there. It kind of explains why her descriptions of people and places are so well done, since she’s so familiar with them in the first place.

I loved this second chance romance and it’s characters. I liked almost all of them, with only one exception: Alex’ mother. I get why she acted the way she did, but it still does not make it right. But if I’m being honest, I think Alex has some blame for her behaviour too. In the end, it was his life, and he gave her control.

The only thing that bothered me was how our main characters were 31 and 30 years old, but they talked about their age like they were 45+. I mean, non of them had children or some kind of burden that would make them feel this way. The story is placed in our time, I mean, they were listening Dua Lipa for God sake!
In 2019 people in their thirties who have not started families yet act like people in their twenties acted in 90es. At least when they are on vacation. They don’t feel like all the youth is behind them.
Thirties are new twenties (and forties are new thirties)!
I don’t want to sound rude here, those are just my thoughts (and feelings as it shows).

Anyway, I liked everything else about this novel, and since Mandy Baggot has so many summer novels I will read another one  of her stories next month, and I am really looking forward to it!

I also can’t wait for her newest Christmas book One Christmas Star to come out later this year. I just love her festive stories!

If you haven’t, I recommend you to check one of her books, and One Last Greek Summer in an excellent choice!

four hearts

Reading Rush Wrap Up #ReadingRush #ReadAThon #Books

Hi guys!

So… The last week I should have read more then I did. Tbh, I had no idea I would be tired all the time, but it is what it is.
I wasn’t the best reader, didn’t read as much as I wanted, but I thought it would be fair of me to give you my wrap up, and tell you how many books I have actually finished.

So… My goal was to read at least 4 books during the readathon, and I managed to finish only two, and I also read half of the third book.

There were also some changes from my original TBR.

Overall, I finished: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman book cover and blood promise by Richelle Mead, Vampire academy book 4, US cover , and I read half of: one last greek summer by mandy baggot book cover .

When it comes to numbers, last week I have read 940 pages, which is not THAT bad, but let’s be honest, it could have been better.

Tell me, have you been participating in Reading Rush or any other readathon lately? If yes, how many books do you usually finish during the readathon?

Movie Monday: The Last Summer – a solid teen picture #TheLastSummer #MovieReview #Netflix

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

Today I talk about teenage movie everyone talked about when it first came out.

The Last Summer

The Last Summer movie cover

If you’re active on twitter, you had to hear about The Last Summer. I feel like everyone talked about it when it first came out, and the reviews were pretty much positive.
I made a mental note to watch it when I’d have free time, and now when I finally do, I had to give it a chance.

The Last Summer is a teenage drama that follows multiple characters and their stories. All of them have their last summer before they go to college.
This is a story about self discovery, friendships and family dynamics. In other words, this is a story about life.

In general, I liked the movie, even though if I’m being honest, it was a bit boring. I think if the story was told in a different way, it could have been better, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was a solid movie, nothing more. I don’t think it brought anything new to the table.

Out of all the stories, I liked Phoebe’s the best. I think it really stands out from the others.

I watched this picture together with my fiance and his impression are similar to mine.

Overall, this is the perfect summer story to relax with, but nothing more then that. I think it is worth to check out so I do recommend it.

An amazing book filled with sunshine: My Lemon Grove Summer by Jo Thomas #SummerRead #Sicily #BookReview

My Lemon Grove Summer by Jo Thomas book cover

GIFTED / With sunny weather active days and days without any break, I thought it was the perfect time to tell you all about new release by my favourite author Jo Thomas. My Lemon Grove Summer was published by Headline Review on July 11th and the paperback version has 352 pages. I want to say thank you to Anna Pallai for sending me a copy of this book.


About the book:

FROM GOODREADS / Could the lemon groves of Sicily be the perfect place to start over? The irresistible new novel from Jo Thomas, the author of Sunset Over the Cherry Orchard, will transport you to the island of mountains and sparkling blue seas.

When life hands you lemons … is it ever too late for a second chance?

Zelda’s impulsive nature has got her precisely nowhere up until now. A fresh start in a beautiful hilltop town in Sicily looking for new residents, together with her best friend Lennie, could be just what she needs. And who better to settle down with than the person who knows her best?

But the sun-filled skies and sparkling seas can’t hide the shadow hanging over Citta d’Ora, which means not everyone is pleased to see their arrival. The dreams Zelda and her fellow new residents had of setting up a new life might be slipping away. But a friendship with restauranteur Luca could be about to unlock the possibilities that lie in the local lemon groves. And there’s a wedding on the horizon that might be just what the town needs to turn it around…

Could a summer in Sicily help Zelda learn to trust her instinct and follow her heart?



Every time I finish one of Jo Thomas‘ books I am thankful to know about her and her work.
I mean it. I am so thankful that I have stumbled across one of her books last year (Sunset Over the Cherry Orchard), because I know my life would be emptier without her stories.
I loved every single book by her (so far) and if you still haven’t read one of her novels, I highly suggest you to do yourself a favour and purchase (or borrow) something by her because trust me, you will be glad.

My Lemon Grove Summer is typical Thomas’ novel set in a beautiful place , filled with sunshine, tasty food and unforgettable people.

Now when I read almost all of her books, I can see why some people would say Jo Thomas’ stories seem to follow the similar formula, but I don’t mind it at all, because, as I already stated, I loved every single one of her books, and the feeling of familiarity makes me feel comfortable. I always get that positive feeling after finishing her stories, and My Lemon Grove Summer was no exception.

I really liked Zelda, our main character. She was really interesting to read about, and I admire her courage and persistence.
I liked how all the characters were in their late thirties or older, with mature perspective on life but at the same time they were fun and amusing.
I would like to read about them again, so I am hoping that My Lemon Grove Summer will get a sequel.

The setting was amazing, and it was the best part of the story (because the story centers around it). Beautiful Sicily, even in it’s neglected state still sounds so appealing and I would love to go there. I loved small town atmosphere and how bizarre but yet believable mental state of the residents was.
It reminded me of the state people who run my home town have and to be honest, it made me angry at some points. I hope one day they will also see the sense just like characters from this little novel have, but until then I can only hope (but that’s the whole another theme).

The story is written in first person, it follows Zelda’s POV, and it reads pretty quickly.

If you’re looking for a novel to relax with on a sunny day, My Lemon Grove Summer is the one! More then one smile while reading is guaranteed!

5 hearts rating

Movie Monday: Before I Wake – magical realism with horror elements #BeforeIWake #MovieMonday #MovieReview

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I want to talk about the movie I watched few days ago, that touched my heart.

Before I Wake

blue ribbon

before I wake movie cover

There’s not much one can do when all she has to do is rest, then watch plenty of movies (and tv shows).
I was lucky enough to find some good ones for the past few days, and today I want to tell you all about the one that impressed me the most: Before I Wake.

Before I Wake was recommended to be by my friend recently, because it’s a good story with horror elements, and she knows how much I enjoy horrors.

At first I was sceptic whether it’ll be just another horror that I’ll forget as soon as it’s over, but I trusted her and gave it a shot with some expectations. They weren’t extra high, but they surely weren’t low either.

The story follows a young orphan boy who was adopted by a young couple who lost their son few years ago.
The story is actually magical realism and the boy has the ability to transfer his dreams in the real world.
Everything is fine and magical while the boy sleeps well, but what happens when he has nightmares?

Guys, this movie is one of the best I’ve watched this year.
I have no doubt that the story will stay with me for the longest time, and I will recommend it to everyone I know, who still hasn’t watched it.

At first I thought this was a horror, but as the story was developing, it transformed into a beautiful piece of art that touched my heart, and I still shiver when I think about it.

It talks about child’s perspective on life and hard circumstances when one is still very young, and the love children and adults need.

I highly recommend Before I Wake to everyone. I hope this movie will touch you as it has me.

Three ya novels I read lately #BookBloggers #BookLovers #Reading @PRHGlobal #partner

Killing November by Adriana Mather book coverA History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz book coverStrange the Dreamer Laini Taylor book cover UK edition

Gifted / Today I am bringing you three short reviews for ya books that I’ve read while I was on a blogging vacation (we can call it that from now on).

Two novels I’ll talk about were given to me by the publishers (Killing November and A History of Glitter and Blood) and one I purchased myself (Strange the dreamer).

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and let me know if you’ve read any of these novels.

Killing November

Killing November was intense, fast and fun. I pretty much devoured this story, because it is written in such a good style that the reader flies through the pages.
The story follows November who comes to new school where everyone hides their true identity and she doesn’t know who she can trust.
This was a fast paced novel, and it left me confused multiple times while reading. November wasn’t the most likeable character but I liked some side characters very much.
Even  though I had much fun while I was reading this, I don’t think that the story will stay with me long after I finished it.
The sequel Hunting November comes out next year, but I am not sure if I’ll read it.
rating 3,5 hearts

A History of Glitter and Blood

It pains me to say this, but A History of Glitter and Blood is officially the worst book I’ve read this year, and one of the worst novels I’ve read in my entire life. The only reason I didn’t DNF it is because I got it for review way back when it was new, and I already felt guilty for taking so long to read it.
Now this is what I call pure mess. It is an apocalyptic, post-war mix of fantasy and dystopia, with NA characters and side story.
There were a lot of whore shaming that I didn’t like, but the worst part was how messed up in a stupid way these faeries and gnomes were.
They were in war and gnomes (tbh I’m not even sure if they were gnomes in the first place or some other creatures, so don’t quote me on that) ate faeries, but they were still somehow alive. Like, there were faeries with parts missing, or just parts of bodies that were considered as faeries, and everyone slept with everyone, even gnomes with faeries.
The only thing I liked about this book were some photos in the book, and that is it.
I don’t recommend this book to anyone!
1 heart rating

Strange the Dreamer

Strange the Dreamer was pure perfection. This book is so hyped, and there’s a good reason for it. I loved everything about this novel, and it is now one of my favourite books of all time.
The world is phenomenal, the characters were so interesting and alive, they were almost real. I loved them all so much, the good ones and especially the bad ones. They were all more dimensional and I appreciate every single one of them.
The writing was beautiful, lyrical but at the same time simple to read. I flew through this book and I can’t wait to read the sequel, Muse of Nightmares.
If you’re into fantasy, you have to read this book, it would be a sin to miss it!
5 hearts rating

Reading Rush TBR #ReadingRush #BookLovers #BookBloggers

It has been so long since I participated in a read-a-thon of any kind, and to be honest, I really missed it.
I always loved readathons, but life has been pretty busy for the last couple of years, and I simply didn’t have time to do them.

However, now when I don’t have to go to work and have to rest all the time (doctor’s request) pretty much all I do is read and watch movies, so Reading Rush readathon came in perfect time (July 22nd-28th), and I am so happy to participate.

If you didn’t know, Reading Rush was previously known as BookTubeathon but they changed it’s name this year.
They even have their own platform now where you can officially register and chat with other readers.

There are 7 challenges this year, and I decided to combine some of them because, even though I have all the time in the world to read atm, I am still slow when it comes to reading, so I don’t think it’s possible for me to finish 7 different books.
However, I chose 5 books, and if I manage to finish 4 of them, I will consider this readathon as a success!

Anyway, here are the books I plan to read next week.

Read a book with purple on the cover
Read a book you meant to read last year: new york actually by sarah morgan book cover us edition

Read a book in the same spot for the entire time: Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim book cover

Read an author’s first book: Wilder Girls by Rory Power book cover

Read a book with a non-human main character
Read and watch a book to movie adaptation:  (I know only first book was adapted but I will count this one anyway).

Read a book that has five or more words in the title: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman book cover


That is it. Wish me luck and tell me will you participate in Reading Rush this year and what are your thoughts on readathons in general?

Three romance books I loved #romance #booklovers #reading

Forever with you by Heatherly Bell book coverNothing but Trouble by Amy Andrews book cover

Gifted / It has been a while since I talked about books I loved, and a thing called blogging/reviewing slump hit me hard for the last few months, I thought the best thing to do until I get my jam back is to give you three short reviews for the romance books I enjoyed while I stayed away from the blogosphere.

Two of these novels were gifted to me by publishers (Forever with You and Under the Stars) and one I purchased myself (Nothing but Trouble).

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and please tell me what books have you been reading lately.

Forever with You

Forever with you is a fifth book in the Starlight Hill series, but it can be read as standalone.
To be perfectly honest with you, there is nothing I didn’t like about this story.
As it happens sometimes in reviewer’s life, it took me ages until I gave this book a try, and the only thing that bothered me while I was reading it was the fact that I didn’t read it sooner.
This book was so beautiful and sweet. It’s a wonderful story about second chance romance filled with funny, relaxing and swoon worthy moments, with likeable characters that made my reading experience so enjoyable. It was a pleasure getting to know all of them and I would like to check out other Heatherly Bell’s novels.
If you like clean, small town romance stories, I think this one is for you!
four hearts

Nothing but Trouble

For a while I wanted to give a cowboy romance a shot, but I didn’t know where to start. Then Nothing but Trouble came out, and for some unknown reason, it stood out to me. I guess my subconscious recognized this story as one I would really love, because now Nothing but Trouble is one of my favorite books of 2019, and it is in top three for sure.
I think this book was pure perfection and I am so glad that it’s sequel will come out this year as well.
This was my first Amy Andrews’ novel, but it won’t be the last one because now I want to lose myself in her stories.
I just love, love, love this book!!
5 hearts rating

Summer Under the Stars

This book was pitched as romance, but if you ask me, I’d tell you it was more of a women’s fiction. And before you tell me that romance can also be subgenre of women’s fiction, I will just tell you that this novel talks more about self-discovery and life then about love.
I loved the setting in this story. It is full of nature and wildness, and also the main character is aspiring author, which is a plus in my eyes.
The writing style was amazing  and I would like to check other things that Catherine Ferguson has written, because I have a feeling I’d enjoy then as well.
The only thing that could bother other readers (however, I didn’t mind it) is it’s predictability. Some things were obvious from the start so the shocking moment wasn’t that shocking at all.
Overall, this is a funny story, perfect to bring with on your summer vacation.

Summer Romance Giveaway Hop #Competition #Giveaway #Books #Win

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