Movie Monday: The Last Summer – a solid teen picture #TheLastSummer #MovieReview #Netflix

The Last Summer movie cover

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

Today I talk about teenage movie everyone talked about when it first came out.

The Last Summer

The Last Summer movie cover

If you’re active on twitter, you had to hear about The Last Summer. I feel like everyone talked about it when it first came out, and the reviews were pretty much positive.
I made a mental note to watch it when I’d have free time, and now when I finally do, I had to give it a chance.

The Last Summer is a teenage drama that follows multiple characters and their stories. All of them have their last summer before they go to college.
This is a story about self discovery, friendships and family dynamics. In other words, this is a story about life.

In general, I liked the movie, even though if I’m being honest, it was a bit boring. I think if the story was told in a different way, it could have been better, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was a solid movie, nothing more. I don’t think it brought anything new to the table.

Out of all the stories, I liked Phoebe’s the best. I think it really stands out from the others.

I watched this picture together with my fiance and his impression are similar to mine.

Overall, this is the perfect summer story to relax with, but nothing more then that. I think it is worth to check out so I do recommend it.

8 thoughts on “Movie Monday: The Last Summer – a solid teen picture #TheLastSummer #MovieReview #Netflix”

  1. Mmm you didn’t sell this to me. Probably because I have excellent series to watch at the moment and they take my watching time over any movies.
    Nice that you could have a movie night with your Fiance though.
    Amanda xx

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  2. I feel like this is something I would watch when I’m super tired after work, and I don’t feel like reading or watching an actual good movie (because that would require me using my brain and paying attention), so I’d just turn my brain off, watch this movie and then remember nothing about it the next day lol

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