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Abe, JunAlice In Wonderland – Special Collector’s Manga

Astley, JudyA Merry Mistletoe Wedding


Baggot, MandyOne Christmas In Paris

Bivald, KatarinaThe Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Broom, IsabelleA Year and a Day

Broom, IsabelleMy Map of You


Cabot, MegThe Boy Is Back

Calonita, JenCharmed

Calonita, JenFlunked

Carroll, ClaudiaAll She Ever Wished For

Carroll, ClaudiaIn A New York Minute

Carroll, LewisThrough the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There

Chase, Samantha I’ll Be There

Colgan, JennyWhere Have All The Boys Gone

Cooper, GrierHope

Cooper, GrierWish

Costello, JaneMy Single Friend

Costello, JaneSummer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel

Costello, JaneThe Nearly-Weds

Cotterell T.A.What Alice Knew

Crowe, SaraMartini Henry


David, N.E.Malaren: A Swedish Affair

Douglas, LouiseThe Secret by the Lake

Durgin, SharonMarty and the Christmas Eve Surprise


Evangelista, KateNo Love Allowed


Fforde, KatieA Summer at Sea


Gehrman, JodyThe Truth About Jack

Greenwood, KirstyThe Vintage Guide to Love and Romance

Gibson, RachelJust Kiss Me


Hale, JennyChristmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

Held, K.C.Holding Court

Hewitt, KateA Cotswold Christmas

Hitchcock, Bonnie-SueThe Smell of Other People’s Houses

Hoffman, AliceFaithful

Howard, A.G.Splintered


Jensen, Danielle L.Hidden Huntress

Johnson, DebbieChristmas at the Comfort Food Cafe


Kagawa, JulieThe Iron Warrior

Kelk, LindseyThe Single Girl’s To-Do List

Kenneally MirandaCatching Jordan

Kinsella, SophieFinding Audrey


Lapena, ShariThe Couple Next Door

Leigh Castle, KendraA Little More Love

Lewis, SusanThe Girl Who Came Back

Lewis, SusanThe Moment She Left

Lotter, JaneThe Bette Davis Club


MacAlister, KatieDaring In a Blue Dress

Macintosh, PortiaTruth Or Date

Martin, HollyChristmas Under a Cranberry Sky

Martin, HollyChristmas Under a Starlit Sky

Martin, HollySummer at Rose Island

Matson, MorganThe Unexpected Everything

Maupin Schmid, SusanIf the Magic Fits

McDaniel, TiffanyThe Summer That Melted Everything

McGarry, Katie Take Me On

Mendes da Costa, SaraPeanuts & Eggcups

Mitchell, MaggiePretty Is

Morgan, BethThe Name I Call Myself

Morrey MaxineThe Christmas Project


Paley, LindseySnowflakes and Christmas Cakes

Pimentel. MelissaThe One That Got Away

Pugh, RebeccaA Home In Sunset Bay


Rice, EvaLove Notes for Freddie

Rios, EmmaI.D.

Ross, AliceA Summer of Secrets

Rutkoski, MarieThe Winner’s Crime

Rutkoski, MarieThe Winner’s Curse


Schorr, MeredithBlogger Girl

Stine, R.L.Don’t Forget Me

Swan, Karen Christmas at Tiffany’s

Swan, KarenThe Paris Secret


Tatano, NicThe Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club

Templeton, J.A.The Uninvited

Thorne, SallyThe Hating Game

Tremayne, S.K.The Fire Child

Tucker, K.A.Five Ways To Fall


Usher Evans, S.Spells & Sorcery


Veitch Smith, FionaThe Kill Fee


Walters, VictoriaThe Summer I Met You

Woodman, CathySpringtime at Cherry Tree Cottage


Zhang, KatWhat’s Left of Me

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