The one for hopeless romantics: The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin (Blog Tour) #BookReview #BlogTour #Romance #TheSummerOfChasingDreams

The Summer of Chasing Dreams book cover Holly Martin

The Summer of Chasing Dreams book cover Holly Martin

Today I am proud to be the host in The Summer of Chasing Dreams blog tour.
I want to say thank you to Holly Martin for inviting me.
I enjoyed reading Eva’s story and now I’m ready to tell you all about it.


About the book:

Eva is quite content with her life in London. In her job as a cover designer, she works at home, and often in her cosy pyjamas. She’s happy to stay in her safe little world and not explore much outside of it.

She is the opposite of her mum, a free spirit who craved finding adventure and thrills in all corners of the world. But on the day her mum’s will is finalised, Eva finds a list of all the dreams her mum wanted to achieve in her life. Things she never did because she fell pregnant with Eva.

Eva decides these dreams will not go unfulfilled — she is going to be brave and complete them for her mum. As Eva has no experience travelling the world, she hires a guide to go with her on this holiday.

Gorgeous but rude Thor Anderson is not the person she would choose to accompany her on this journey, but somehow she gets stuck with him. As they discover the world together Eva starts to think he might not be as bad as she first thought. She is swept away by Thor’s kindness and mischievous sense of humour. But will it be a simple holiday romance or could this wonderful adventure lead to so much more?


My Review:

Holly Martin is one author I always like to support. Her books are always uplifting, perfect to made a stormy day brighter, or sunny day even more shiny. In other words, they radiate happiness, and The Summer of Chasing Dreams was no exception.

The story follows Eva Blue (who’s name reminds me of Beyonce’s daughter) who, after her mother’s death, goes on an adventure to chase dreams her mother never had an opportunity to experience.
Her company is a tourist guide called Thor (and yes, that is his real name).
They go on that adventure alone, because Eva paid for the private tour, and the more countries they visit, the stronger their connection is.

I was never the one to enjoy road trip books, so the main reason why I decided to read this book is the author.
I would probably never pick it up based on synopsis.
However, now I am glad I did, because I really enjoyed it.

I love the way the connection was built between our main characters. I, as a reader, could sense it immediately, but it took some time until Eva and Thor recognized it too.
They tried to resist it at first, but with time, it was impossible for them.

The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was how Thor was an unrealistic character. I don’t think any kind of man would talk about his feelings so openly from the very beginning and I don’t know… He just seemed like a character girls dream about, but I don’t think there are those kind of men in the real world.
Everything about him and his behaviour was… Like he was pulled from someone’s imagination (and in reality, he was: from Holly Martin’s imagination).
Most women will probably like him for that, but I had to say how I feel…

The writing style was great. Easy to read and enjoyable.
The story is written in third person, and it mostly follows Eva’s POV, with some small parts with Thor’s POV.

The end was predictable (as it usually is in romantic comedies) but I wouldn’t change anything about it.

I would recommend The Summer of Chasing Dreams to everyone who likes to read romantic stories, but also to those who enjoy reading about adventures around the world.

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9 thoughts on “The one for hopeless romantics: The Summer of Chasing Dreams by Holly Martin (Blog Tour) #BookReview #BlogTour #Romance #TheSummerOfChasingDreams”

  1. This sounds like the kind of book I would enjoy after reading a few gritty murder books!! Something lighter and easy reading. I actually like books that explore different countries and I also like Holly Martin so I am pretty sure I would love this. After my Kinsella book though, I will be looking for a good thriller again though. 😉

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  2. I love stories that radiate happiness! Isn’t it great to have an author that you can rely on for an uplifting read?! I am a hopeless romantic, so I’d probably love this story, and with the love interest being named Thor after one of my fav sexy actors, this sounds like a swoon-worthy read!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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