Let’s talk: I am branching out #LifeStyle #Bloggers #RealTalk #BookBloggers

freepik girl in the woods picture branching out

freepik girl in the woods picture branching out

For the last couple of months I’ve been thinking about my blog and the content I am putting out there.
It has been over three years since I launched Book Dust Magic, and as it happens in life, my interests have expand.

When I started, books were my everything. I could talk about them 24/7 and they were the only non-living thing that I truly cared for.

Although books are still my number one love, there are so many other things I now feel passionate about, but also so many new things I’d like to try, so this is why I decided to rebrand Book Dust Magic into a lifestyle blog.
Calling it book/lifestyle blog would be more appropriate.

There will still be plenty of book posts here, but I decided to add different kind of content too.
There will be one article about something other then books or movies every week, and here I plan to talk about my travelling experience, review different brands, talk about skin care, mental illness, self care, fitness…

Last year I wrote about my trip to Albania  and in all honesty, I wrote it to make a memory, but I really enjoyed writing that content.
Because of that, I decided to write another travelling post, this time about my time in Budapest.
Sometime around Christmas time I decided to show you what LUSH products I bought myself for Christmas time and that post was so well received that it truly surprised me. It is now my most viewed post, and almost everyday at least one person stumbles upon it, even though Christmas is way behind us.

This year I also had an opportunity to write sponsored post about computer program I use anyway, PDFelement, and the whole experience made me feel really good about myself, but it also opened my eyes.

I realized I like writing different kinds of content, and I don’t want to limit myself to only bookish ones.
Truth be told, my non bookish posts were more accepted and viewed then any of my book reviews, even though I put my heart and soul into them.

I am not going to stop reviewing books. I do it for myself and this is why I’m still keeping up with it (even though book blogging with all the drama and other things left a bad taste in my mouth).

I am still a book blogger, because books are my number one love, but I want to talk about my other loves too, and also write about my experience considering life and things I come across with, to make a memory for myself, and then for others who want to read about them.

Tree photo created by tirachardz – www.freepik.com

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk: I am branching out #LifeStyle #Bloggers #RealTalk #BookBloggers”

  1. I can totally relate to this! My blog started out as one thing then branched out, then became something totally different. And I find now that writing about few different things makes me way more excited to write certain posts than I ever was before. You have to do what feels right! x


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  2. This makes total sense. I started off my blog as books and baking. The baking bit fell away as I got a bit fed up of taking the photos as I was baking, but the posts were viewed well.
    Memory posts are great, they will always be there for you and will hold more memories than photos alone.
    I know you are doing this for you, but I think book dust magic will be an even more popular blog because of this change.
    Enjoy it.
    Amanda xx

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    1. Thanks Amanda. And I hope you are right, I hope it will be well received.
      Ohh, I remember actually that you usred to take pictures of your baking on your blog, but I get why you got fed up.
      Good thing about blogs is that the are ours, and we can always post what we feel like, we are our own bosses. 😉


  3. A lot of book bloggers are shaking up their blogs a bit. There are so many book blogs now that you have to have a little something else to set yourself apart. I changed mine up a bit in that I realized the Harry Potter posts I did here and there, and linked to my two HP fandom pages on Facebook, pulled in six times the amount of views my regular book posts did. I now do one Potter themed post a week, one of them is more movie and collecting themed, and the another is magical lifestyle: decorating, witchy fashion, crafts, parties/entertaining. I think we need to recreate our blogs on occasion to stay fresh and excited to write content. 👍✨

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    1. Ohh, I remember you told me how popular your Harry Potter posts are.
      I don’t mind book reviews, they were always my favourite thing to write, and my blog is mostly focused on reviews, but my heart tells me I want to write about other things then books too.


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