Books I read in February 2019 (Monthly Reading Wrap Up) #bookbloggers #BookLovers #Reading #February

Hi guys!

February was the best reading month I had in a long time.
The reason for that is I had an injury and had to rest. I didn’t go to work, and since all I did for 5 days straight was reading, I managed to read 12 books.
I know 12 books per month is average for many of you, but keep in mind I am a really slow reader, so 12 books to me is one pretty big achievement.

These are the books I read in February:

Favourite book of the month:

That is it!

Tell me what awesome books have your read in January?
What was your favorite one?

10 thoughts on “Books I read in February 2019 (Monthly Reading Wrap Up) #bookbloggers #BookLovers #Reading #February”

    1. My knee is good. I do support t with elastic band (I’m not sure if it’s called like that) and will try to take it slow next week, and after that I’ll have to work on my muscle strength, quadriceps.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoy reading your book. 🙂


  1. 12 books in a month would be an achievement for me, I love reading so much but never have enough time to read as much as I want. I love Sophie Kinsella books, always read them on the road! She has a great sense of humor, the last one I read was “can you keep a secret” – really enjoyed it…

    Have a great week!


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