November Wrap Up + Book Haul

November was a really, really good reading month for me. I finished 11 books, 10 of them were novels and one was non fiction (memoir + advices on writing).
I think I would read even more if there wasn’t one particular book that took me ages to finish.

These are the books I read during November:

snowflakes one-christmas-in-paris malaren-a-swedish miracle-on-5th the-christmas-project a-year-and-a-day on-writing what-alice-knew-second there-is-always-more-to-say cruel-beautiful-world roseblood

My favorite book of the month: miracle-on-5th


Book Haul:

I had so much luck when it comes to giveaways this month, it’s insane!
I feel like when it’s your time to win some giveaways, refflecopter will pick you again and again, until it stops.
And I guess November (and October) was the time when luck was on my side.

These are the books I collected in November:

Purchased: chocolate-lovers-christmas

For review: there-is-always-more-to-say annabel-lee deep-water the-witchfinders-sister chris-aslan local-poet the-little-teashop-of-lost-and-found i-was-a-bitch someone-elses-summer the-other-sister my-super-sweet gilded-cage a-list-of-cages

Won: 06042012097 crimson-bound just-for-christmas the-return-of-norah-wells


That is it! I think this would be enough books collected for this year, what do you think?


Also… some changes on Book Dust Magic…

I decided that from this month on, I will post weekly wrap ups on Sundays. Those will be in Sunday post form, as many bloggers already have on their blogs.
The reason why I decided to post weekly wrap ups is to make it easier to follow my book hauls, but also to motivate myself to post regularly.
I often plan to write about something but then I don’t, so I figured out if I tell you in my Sunday post what is planned for the next week, there’s a bigger chance it will actually be posted.


Anyway, I hope November was a great month for you guys!
Please let me know if you read a great book or if you added some new books to your collection?

34 thoughts on “November Wrap Up + Book Haul”

  1. Wow you were really lucky with the books you won. That lot will keep you going for a while. I like the sound of ‘I was a bitch’.There are lots of good sounding ones there.
    Your new Sunday posts sound great. I look forward to reading them.

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I’m glad you think Sunday posts are good idea.
      Yes, I can complain. Luck was really on my side this month. I have 2 more books that should arrive soon, I won them in Black Giveaway Bonanza blog hop (actually I won TBD 20USD), I hope that in my first Sunday post I’ll be able to show them. I plan to post my first Sunday post next Sundey, so it will be 11th December. 🙂

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  2. Wow you did win a lot this month! Congrats on all those new books. I post on Sundays for all the reasons that you mentioned. It has helped me to be more organized on my site, I think. Anyways, you should link up with Caffeinated Book Reviewer if you do decide to keep with Sunday posting. It is a good group of blogs and I think almost everyone comments back, so there’s that. I’m happy to have found your site today. Happy reading!

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    1. Not sure why, but I was sure this book had great reviews, but now when you say it, I didn’t even check it’s goodreads rating…
      Well, I do plan to read it, and since I review almost every book I read, this one I will too.
      But I plan to read my new books next year (beginning) bc this month I want to enjoy festive reads, since it’s the festive season after all.

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  3. November was a terrible month for me, reading and blogging-wise. But you did so well! And you won so many books!! I have never won a giveaway 😦 But honestly, I don’t think I enter enough giveaways to have a good chance 😛
    You read so many Christmasy novels! Is there one without romance that you would recommend to me? 🙂
    And how was Roseblood? I don’t know if you reviewed it (link me if that’s the case), but I was wondering how’s that book since I’ve always loved the Phantom of the Opera.

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    1. Actually, my review for Roseblood will go live on Tuesday. I buddy read it with Jasmine from How Useful It Is, so her review will go up the sme day as mine.
      Honestly, Roseblood wasn’t that good. Jasmine and I both struggled with it. It’ was confusing and boring, but it gets better closer to the end.
      I can’t think of any christmassy book without romance, bc I read festive romances mosly, when it comes to festive reads (those ate my favorite kind of books). I saw one with the title Dead til Christmas or sth like that, so I guess that one has no romance! 😛
      Well, as you said, when you can’t participate in many giveaways you can’t win many either. Those 8 books that I won, I won on With Love For Books blog, I know their giveaways are all international. You should check them out, they have ya giveaways too.
      I’m sad to hear you’re not satisfied with your November reading or blogging, but don’t worry too much. We often stress ourselves about it and tend to forget that it’s just a hobby, it shouldn’t be stressful.

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      1. Oh, that’s a shame! I’ll keep an eye out for the reviews then 😀
        Haha, I think a Christmas book without romance is pretty hard to find, don’t worry. The one you mentioned sounds interesting! Like a Christmas mystery!
        Good to know about the With Love For Books blog! Thank you so much!
        And you are totally right. I’ve been feeling guilty, but I shouldn’t. Sometimes we don’t read, sometimes we do. That’s how it goes 😛

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  4. Congrats on your big win!! That’s awesome! I smile when I see many holidays covers. I think it’s good to do a weekly wrap up since you get through so many books! 😊 It’s easy to round them up than after one month.

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    1. Hihi, yes, that’s me! I visit their blog pretty often. 😀
      I’m glad to hear you also won one of their giveaways. I hope you’ll enjoy your books.
      Yes, they are so nice, they love books and you can feel their passion for literature. I often chat with Suze on twitter about books.


  5. What a brilliant month you had! Once luck is on your side, it stays a bit 🙂 I remember winning three giveaways in a month earlier this year. I thought it could help me win the lottery but it failed, haha! Good luck with the Sunday posts 🙂 It’s a nice idea. I know that having a bit of a routine has helped me post regularly.

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    1. Thanks Donna! I hope it will help me too. I already organized my routine schedule earlier this summer, but I had hard time sticking to it so… This will be my new try.
      I actually think that there’s something about refflecopter that picks your name in certain time frame, and then it’s a long pause until next time.

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  6. You have read so many books and I am super jealous over here! I saw that Sarah Morgan book on NetGalley and I am kicking myself for not requesting it now. It does sound super cute and I hope that I get a chance to read it before the holidays are over. I hope that you have a great December full of reading as well! 🙂

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  7. I’m really looking forward to reading your review of Roseblood to decide if I want to keep in on my gift wish list (b-day coming very soon and books make the best gifts!). You had a very productive month. I want to read Sarah Morgan’s books too.

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  8. Sounds like you had a really lucky month 🙂 And I really enjoyed Stephen King’s “On writing” – hearing about his child hood was really interesting and I thought he gave some sound advice 🙂

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  9. Congrats that is a lot of wins, and doesn’t it make it so much better to win books. I see you got quite a few holiday reads that is great for this time of year.

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    1. Yes, I always love winning (don’t we all), and my winnings are also the reason why I host giveaways when I can. I know how they make people happy, I get to spend my book budget on giveaways bc I don’t have to buy books as often as I did before, and not gonna lie – it’s good for blog stats.


  10. loved you weekly wrap up and book haul, i love getting new books, i really want to read Deep Water and I Was a Bitch, they sound very interesting. i just started a book blog myself, would you mind taking a look, i only have a few reviews up at the moment, but soon going to write a TBR post xxx


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