Movie Monday: A Christmas Detour – Sweet,festive daytime movie #Christmas #MovieReview #Monday #Festive

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

Today I want to talk about a Christmas movie I’ve watched yesterday on tv. I enjoyed it and thought it would be a good idea to put some spotlight on this title.

A Christmas Detour 

a Christmas Detour movie cover

I did not plan to post Movie Monday feature today, because I haven’t watched any movie I wanted to talk about, but then yesterday I stumbled on one festive daytime movie that was showing on our local tv station, and I happened to like it and wanted to put some spotlight on this movie.

Since it is a picture from 2015, and it is a tv movie, I believe it’s available on most streaming services. You’ll have to forgive me, but I didn’t do a research for that.

While I was watching A Christmas Detour I had a feeling I was watching a Hallmark movie, but according to IMDb, it’s from another production.

However, if you enjoy Lifetime and Hallmark movies, you will love this one too.

The story follows four strangers who end up stuck together because of the storm. They all wanted to be in New York for Christmas but their airplane got cancelled and they ended up in a whole another country, snowed in.
As they get to know each other they also discover their own secret wishes they didn’t even know they had.

I liked the festive vibe through the whole movie. It was my favourite part.
Also, the characters were really likeable and I enjoyed watching them on their adventure.
And in the end, as a cherry on top, the love story was cute and just done right.

If you’ll have a chance to watch A Christmas Detour this season, I highly recommend you to do so!

Movie Monday: House of Versace

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week, I want to talk about:

House of Versace


This TV Movie, based on the book House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival by Deborah Ball, follows the life of Donatella Versace and the destiny of House of Versace.

The story begins with the time period when Gianni Versace was still alive, the business was successful and Versace was a premium house.

We can follow Donatella and her brother leading this brand, see their family dinners and watch how their brother/sister relationship was.

Since this movie captures time period from that glowing era until now, we also see Donatella’s reaction to her brother’s murder, the fall of the Versace house, the fail of Donatella as a mother and wife, her problems with drugs and alcohol, her cleaning at rehab and how House of Versace rised from ashes.

This movie was suprisingly good, especially when you know that it is a TV movie.
I enjoyed every minute while watching it and it felt like the end came too soon.

Gina Gershon, who played Donatella was really good and, to be honest, I didn’t even recognize it was her who played the part.

Fashion, parties, greeding, family drama… you say it, this movie probably has it.

If you wonder where can you watch this, right now it is avalible on HBO OnDemand.


Note: Picture in this post is not my property but taken from IMDb site and is property of Lifetime.