Movie Monday: Where the Crawdads Sing #MovieMonday #MovieReview #WhereTheCrawdadsSing

Where the Crawads Sing movie cover

Few months ago I read a book that became maybe the most beautiful book that I have read in my whole life: Where the Crawdads Sing.
I read the book while I was waiting for the movie to hit the theaters, and it made me even more excited for the film once I finished it.

What I was looking forward the most to see on big screen was the nature of Carolina, marsh and all the animals Kya (the main character) spent her lifetime observing.
I wasn’t disappointed at all and I can also say that, in my humble opinion, the movie was great.
I watched it with my husband (who didn’t read the book and even asked me if it was based on true events) and he liked it very much. Even the day after we watched it (aka today) he wanted to talk about it.

The only thing I felt little sorry about is how they didn’t include “Sneaky Fuckers” in the movie, because that was my favourite part of the book.

The cast was good although I have to admit I didn’t know anyone. The only actor that looked little familiar to me was the one who played Kya’s lawyer.
At this point you probably know that Taylor Swift recorded the main song from the movie, titled Carolina. The song fits perfectly for the atmosphere and the story itself. If you still haven’t had a chance to hear it, I suggest you to go and give it a try.

And of course, I do recommend this movie, but I have to stress out that this is more of a drama then a thriller like it was marketed as (at least in my country).

Movie Monday: Room

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week, I want to talk about:


Room is a drama about a woman who is captured and lives in a small room with her five years old sonsoba Jack. Trying to make his son’s life as normal as she can, she plans how to save him and escape from the man who took the world away from them.

Room is based on the novel written by Emma Dogonhue, who also wrote a screen play for the movie adaptation.

It has been a little over six months since I read the book, but I still remember it very clearly.

I remember  it was an emotionally hard read for me and I also remember that the narrator, a five years old Jack, got on my nerves from time to time.

And although I liked the book very much, I am pleased to say that I liked the movie so much better. I never, not even once, found Jack to be annoying, but could understand him so much better and got attached to him on a strong level.

This movie was so emotional, it brought me to tears multiple times (especially the part closer to the end, when Jack is talking about happenings from his perspective).

I know this movie has Oscar nominations, and now when I saw it, I hope that I’ll see Brie Larson on the stage as a winner in the Best Actress category.

If you still haven’t, I recommend you to go and see this movie while it is still in theaters. But don’t forget to bring tisshues with you, because you will need them.


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