My two cents on The Summer I Turned Pretty – season 1 #TheSummerITurnedPretty #Blogtober #SeriesReview

The Summer I Turned Pretty show cover

This summer I spent some of my free time watching The Summer I Turned Pretty. I liked the books (well, I liked the first two books and hated how the trilogy ended) so giving an adaptation a go wasn’t questionable to me.
It took me most of the summer to finish the whole season, but that says more about me and less about the series. You see, I never binge watch anything. Even when I had more free time on my hands (in my previous life) it was never my thing. I like to take time with series and I admit, I rarely ever finish them.

This was a fun show aimed for teenagers, but if you ask me, it is totally enjoyable to adults too. It all depends on your taste. I am one of adults who will always appreciate teens and teen stories appeal to me, so I guess I was the perfect audience for this.
I will just make a quick note that my sister in law who is 42 recommended this to me because she devoured it and can’t wait for the next season.

So what are my thoughts on The Summer I Turned Pretty?
It was definitely good and entertaining, and well done. You can see much effort was put together to make it a high quality. The actors were good. Most of them were new to me. The one who stood out the most with her talent (at least to me) was the actress Rain Spencer who plays Bella’s friend Taylor. She plays in only few episodes, but whenever she’s on the screen she surely takes the spot. I am looking forward to see her in some other projects.
I would also want to mention how the main actress Lola Tung reminds me of my cousin and also how pretty actors Sean Kaufman and Minnie Mills are.

The music was amazing. It was gave that perfect feeling to the series. I was familiar with all of the songs as they are ones I listen to in my every day life.

Overall, I think the book to series adaptation was well done and I will definitely watch season 2 when it comes out.
Although the summer is behind us and spooky season just started, I still recommend you to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty because it was good, fun, entertaining and emotional at times.

3 thoughts on “My two cents on The Summer I Turned Pretty – season 1 #TheSummerITurnedPretty #Blogtober #SeriesReview”

  1. I love to binge watch series. Although I usually binge it until the final series/ episodes and then slow down to make them last.
    I haven’t heard of this one, but it sounds like a nice easy watching fun series. So I will look out for it.
    Thank you for the recommendation.

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