Movie Monday: Spider-Man: No Way Home #MovieMonday #Spiderman #Marvel

I am pretty behind when it comes to movies, but today I want to take an opportunity to talk about one that blew me away. It is the latest Spider Man movie. In case you didn’t know, Spider Man is my favourite hero, and seeing not one but all of the spiders in one movie was like a dream come true (but not really, I am exaggerating here).

Spider-Man: No Way Home movie cover

Me and my family are staying at my parents’ for vacation (or our days off would be a more appropriate saying), so me and my husband had to take an advantage of my father’s streaming subscriptions.

I have heard only good things about the newest Spider-man movie, so when I saw it was available to watch it was a done deal.
In case you didn’t know, out of all of the heroes out there, Spider-Man is my no 1. I was a fan ever since that first movie with Tobey Maguire (which is still my favourite til’ this day).

Watching Spider-Man: No Way Home was like walking down the memory lane. At this point I don’t know how much giving away is too much, and if there is a rule for spoilers because the movie came out some time ago. I will say some things, but won’t go into too many details.

I will say that seeing all three of Spider-Men was my favourite part. I know it has been years since the first movie, and when the second Spider-Man first was about to come out, the one with Andrew Garfield I was not thrilled because I couldn’t understand why a young guy has to be bitten again and to me, Tobey was one true Peter Parker.
The first one with Tom Holland was good but all of technology was what turned me off a little, because I liked that old school nature freak spidey.

In this movie I appreciate how all of the universes intertwined and everything made more sense. I respect how creators keep the step with time that we live in, and I hope, with time, there will be more Spider-Man movies and my favourite hero will always have new stories to tell, change along with the world we live in.

As for the movie itself, the only character that didn’t make sense to me to live in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man universe was J. Jonah Jameson, played by J. K. Simmons, as he was originally featured in the first Spider-Man where he was played by the same actor. I loved his character in that first set of movies. He was my absolutely favourite so seeing him was a pleasant surprise. However, I still don’t see the logic why he was in both universes looking the same.

The movie is action packed, entertaining and funny. It does have some sad moments but overall it is so enjoyable to watch and it would be a shame to miss it.

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      1. The whole multiverse thing kind of confuses me. In the Multiverse of Madness, the Wanda variants and the Dr. Strange variants look the same, but there are three different actors for Spider-Man. I loved seeing Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire on screen again, but it feels a little out of place.

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