Movie Monday: The Hating Game #MovieMonday #RomCom #Comedy

The Hating Game Movie Cover Lucy Hale

Recently I watched a movie I was so thrilled with and I decided to write about it here on Book Dust Magic. What I was so surprised with was the realisation that Movie Monday, a feature here on my blog, was posted for the last time more than 2 years ago.

I know I didn’t have time to enjoy films after I gave birth, but I still can’t believe I just let go on this feature that I loved so much.

However, the good thing is I have more time to watch movies (which means I am lucky if I see one movie per week), so Movie Monday is officially back.
Every Monday, from now on, I will bring you my thoughts of movies and sometimes series/shows that I watch.

Today I want to talk about movie adaptation for one of my favourite books: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.

The Hating Game

The Hating Game Movie Cover Lucy Hale

Two years ago my life changed completely and it feels like for that time I have been hiding under a rock, when it comes to movies, tv shows and entertainment in general. It isn’t something I thought would happen and it seems like every day of my new life I am wishful for the way it used to be, for more free time just to absorb stories and enjoy myself time in front of tv (or computer).

I love movies, and I missed so much watching them. However, the good news is, life got little bit easier as my son isn’t an infant anymore, and we also changed our internet provider so we can again stream movies and tv shows without problem.

It is little embarrassing to say how I didn’t even know there would be The Hating Game movie until I saw reviews popping up on YouTube.

As the novel is one of my all time favourites (you can read my review HERE), I was more than happy to give it a go, and I am even more happy to announce that I really, really liked it!

This rom-com was everything I wanted and more, featuring beautiful Lucy Hale who portrayed Lucy so well. The actor Austin Stowell did also a very good job.

Because it has been five years since I read The Hating Game (I should really reread it at some point) I forgot so many little details from the story, so watching a movie felt like visiting a comfortable place, but not knowing what waits there exactly.
I am glad it turned out that way because usually, if I watch a movie when the book is too fresh in my mind, I end up comparing the two too much and my enjoyment is spoiled (this is why I choose movie before the book most of the time).

The movie was funny, relaxing, entertaining and I recommend it to everyone who likes to watch romantic comedies.

One thought on “Movie Monday: The Hating Game #MovieMonday #RomCom #Comedy”

  1. It is good news that you changed your Internet provider and now you can stream shows and films.
    I enjoyed your movie Mondays too. So I look forward to lots more film / show recommendations.


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