A book that melted my heart: When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting #romance #BookLovers @StMartinsPress @HelenaHunting

when sparks fly by helena hunting book cover US edition
When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting book cover 2021 US edition

GIFTED / I am so happy to bring you my review for one of the best romances the best romance I’ve read this year. When Sparks Fly won my heart and everytime I think about it, it’s like I visit a happy place, if just for a short period of time. It has been weeks since I finished this book, but my heart is still warm when I think about it.

I want to thank publicist Sara from St. Martin’s Griffin for inviting me to read and review this book via Netgalley.

When Sparks Fly comes out tomorrow, september 21st, and it has 320 pages.


About the book:


Running the Spark House, a hotel/event space that has been in her family for years, has been Avery Spark’s lifelong dream. After years of working hard and making personal sacrifices, Avery and her two younger sisters have turned the Spark House into the premier destination in Colorado Springs. Avery is living her best life—she works with her sisters and loves every minute of it, she has a great group of friends, and she lives in a fantastic condo with her best friend Declan. She might not have any love in her life, but she’s happy.

But everything comes to a screeching halt when Avery is in a car accident, leaving her immobile for weeks. After nearly losing Avery, Declan insists that he will be the one to take care of her while she recovers. However, as Declan becomes Avery’s caretaker, lines begin to blur.

Avery and Declan have been best friends since college and always had an attraction to one another, but when she ended up dating his best friend, Sam, they successfully stamped down any feelings they may have ever had for one another. Now, as Declan and Avery spend more time together, they each begin to wonder what would’ve happened if she’d dated him instead of Sam. What starts as a friend helping out another friend turns into foreplay and, before they realize it, they recognize how deeply they care for one another. But when things get serious their past threatens to destroy everything they have built.



How do you know the book you read was 5 stars worth?
Well, one of the signs is if it warmed your heart to the point you feel like you’re melting of pleasure.
Obviously, this is me figuratively speaking, but I am not far away from the truth, because this book really brought me so much joy. In other words, it reminded me why I fell in love with books in the first place.

The writing style was so addictive, I understand why Helena Hunting is popular in romance community.
She knows how to start a book to grab your attention, and she surely knows how to finish it.

The characters of the story were both likeable and relatable.
The story is written in first person, following Avery’s and Daclain’s POVs. If I am being completely honest, they did kind of sound the same, but I didn’t mind it.

This story is somewhat personal to me as I was in a car accident myself and I was also at one point in my life a carrier, so I could understand both of the characters to some point.
Of course, this being a romance fiction it was sugar coated to a certain degree.

My favourite part was the last fourth of the book, when the writer (or I should say characters) approached to problems in realistic and mature way. It is what made this book special and of course, when it sums with the end, it made perfect friends to lovers story.

5 hearts rating

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