Something I want to talk about: #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

Stop racism BlackLivesMatter

Stop racism BlackLivesMatter

I am starting this post with an apology.

I am sorry for not speaking sooner.

I could give you list of reasons why I kept quiet and non of them would be good enough, because what I realized is that in times like this, we have to speak up, talk about what we think is right, no matter where we are.

Silent support is not enough.

And still I feel like I don’t know how to be a loud supporter, but I want to change that.

What we all witnessed recently, the murder of Goerge Floyd in the middle of the day, with witnesses begging for his life, changed me (and I believe many of you too) for the rest of my life.

I realized how ignorant I was, thinking something like that was happening only in past, not that is happening still today.

I will never forget the look of pure satisfaction on the murderer’s face while he was taking Floyd’s life. I don’t want to say his name because I don’t want him to be remembered. I only want for George Cloyd to be the one who’s name will one day be learned in school, not the name of the police officer who did this.

And I wish we didn’t know about Floyd at all, that he was still alive and this kind of hatred wouldn’t exist at all.

Since then, we witnessed even more police brutality, and it has to stop.

Unfortunately we don’t have protests here in my country (Croatia) but I support everyone who goes to them.

I feel like from here I can’t do enough, and whatever I want to say, I feel has already been said or that I will mess up.

But what I have been doing since May 25th was talking with people from Croatia about it, and try to make them see how racism is our problem too, and not just something that happened far away.

It hurts me to say it, but I live in a country where racism is very high. So many people are open about it, and many who think they aren’t racist still do some racist things (like talking racist jokes or getting a picture with black people like they are some kind of attraction) without even realizing how bad it is.

I want to change that, and even though I know I can’t do a lot, I will still try to do as much as I can.

I also want to educate myself about black people and their culture, and I want to see where I make mistakes and correct them.

I also will support black creators, read more books written by black authors, show my support to black people in any way I can.

I want my son to grow up in a world where colors will be seen, but no one will be discriminated by it.

I saw there was a hashtag “AllLivesMatter” and even though it is true, let’s not take this importance away from black people.

That is what Black Lives Matter is trying to prove. That black lives matter as much as other lives. There should be no difference.

There are so many organizations where you can donate money to show your support.

But I want to link you to youtube video that you can watch, filled with adds, where all the money that the maker of the video will make, will go to support BLM movement.

Watch video HERE.

I probably made mistakes so feel free to correct me.

I will get back to everyone even though it will probably take some time because these days taking care of my 3 months old baby is taking all of my time (it took me literally days to finally finish this text).

Take care of yourselves and those around you!


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One thought on “Something I want to talk about: #BlackLivesMatter #BLM”

  1. This issue is huge worldwide at the moment Irena as you’ve seen. That murder and the many other similar ones over recent times are horrendous and it must stop.
    Admittedly unlike you I do not agree with the protesters at the moment while covid is still so prevalent and such a high risk worldwide too. It seems the majority of protesters are peaceful but it is difficult to keep social distancing. I think your way of supporting and educating on this cause is a much better way at the moment.
    I’m happy to see a post from you ☺. But I can understand how your life is now focused on raising your son to be the best person he can be in this strange world we live in.
    Amanda xx


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