Two non-fiction reviews: Why We Sleep and Let them Eat Dirt #nonfiction #sleeping #immunity #books

Why we sleep by Matthew walker book cover UK edition

Gifted / Today I bring you two reviews for non-fiction books I read recently.

They are both with themes I am highly interested in, so I requested them via Netgalley. I want to thank publishers for providing me copies.

Also, I want to mention that I don’t rate non-fiction books, so these are just my thoughts.


Why We Sleep

Why we sleep by Matthew walker book cover UK edition

Isn’t it ironic that I read this book about importance of sleep while sleep deprived?
That’s just how it is when you have to take care of new born baby – you don’t have much time for anything, including sleep. It is also the reason why it took me 19 days to finish this 360
pages long book – reading became luxury for me (let’s hope that will change for better soon).

Like the author has mentioned at the very beginning of this non-fiction, you can read Why We Sleep as a whole, or each part of it separately.
I read every word, including acknowledges (like I always do) and, to me, the most interesting part was the third one, which talks about REM seep and dreams.
I always knew dreams were important, and having read about it makes me appreciate them even more.

I also want to stress out how surprised I was to learn how sleep deprivation takes it’s toll on society.

I wish more people would be educated about importance of sleeping, because in our society time we spend on sleep is looked as time that we could use better, when in reality it is the time we spend well.
Because of that reason, I wish more people would read this book.


Let Them Eat Dirt

Let Them Eat Dirt book cover

I had this non-fiction book since it first came out, but somehow never got around it.
Now when I finally gave it a chance, I am glad I read it at this point of my life, when I’m a mum to a newborn and can learn so much about developing his immunity.

I think this book gives valuable informations and advices, and it is also written in interesting way which makes it easy for everyone to understand what the authors wanted to say.
It is also full of examples which makes it even more easy to understand.

I would recommend it to parents of little children and newborns, and to parents to be.

4 thoughts on “Two non-fiction reviews: Why We Sleep and Let them Eat Dirt #nonfiction #sleeping #immunity #books”

  1. Hi Irena. Both of these books sound very helpful and full of good information to keep ourselves and children healthy.
    I can definetly feel the difference in myself in so many ways when I’m sleep deprived.
    And when in school with the children, having fun and getting dirty is all part of a good childhood. Not surprisingly the special needs children that I work with tend to have great immune systems.
    Amanda xx


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