Changes I noticed on my body during pregnancy #Pregnancy #Lifestyle #mommyblogger #MumToBe

pregnant woman with pink background

pregnant woman with pink background

Pregnancy is the time when one’s whole body is changing. It is perfectly normal, as the body is growing another human being inside, so this whole state comes with lots of symptoms. Some are good, some are not so much.

Today I want to talk about four changes I noticed on my body, that I wasn’t prepared for. Three of them are positive, and as for one, I would like to live without.

My hair don’t get greasy as often

I always had oily hair that I had to wash every other day to look decent. I would only be able to afford a day without washing if I knew I would stay at home the whole day.
However, during my second trimester my scalp stopped producing so much oil, and now I can go up to 5 days without looking greasy, and if I use a dry shampoo, I can extend the time between washes to 7 days. I know, it’s a huge difference, and to be honest, it feels like a huge burden fell off my shoulders, as I hated washing my hair. Plus, it’s very hard to wash my hair during pregnancy.
I also noticed that my hair has more volume now.

My Keratosis Pilaris is gone

I always had this skin condition (or should I say problem) on my upper arms but now it’s gone.
However on my thighs there’s still some left, but it’s in a much better state then before.

I don’t have acne anymore

This is the biggest and most welcoming difference I noticed, as I started my war with acne in 2018. So yes, I had adult acne, around my chin and on my neck. They were painful, itchy and ugly. They were the only part of my body I truly hated, and now when I’m finally clear of those little devils, I feel like my life is upgraded. Like my prayers were answered.
These days I can even skip my face care routine, without a fear of waking up with a new pimple.
I hope they will never return, even though I am aware that they probably will.

I have cellulitis

I was one of those lucky girls who never had to fight cellulitis. Well, I guess I won’t be in that group anymore, as my behind and thighs are covered with those bastards.
I hope I will get rid of at least some portion of cellulitis after I give birth and start working out again.
Until then, I’m happy the winter is coming and my cellulitis will be completely covered with clothes.

That is it!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will answer them as soon as I can.
Also, tell me what kind of changes have you noticed while you were pregnant, if you have experienced it?

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8 thoughts on “Changes I noticed on my body during pregnancy #Pregnancy #Lifestyle #mommyblogger #MumToBe”

  1. Wow that is some difference in washing your hair! I wash mine every other day but I could wash it every day. Up to 7 days now is great. I wonder if you will revert back to the old ways after baby is born?!
    Amanda xx

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    1. Unfortunately I think it will. At least I think it will, because I have always had oily hair, even when I was little girl. My fiance thinks that my scalp is producing less oil now because I wash my hair rarely, but I think it’s because of the hormones.

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  2. Well one think I did not like was the nausea and that I was tired all the time! But feeling the baby move for the first time was just priceless!

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