Products I use to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy #Pregnancy #Lifestyle #BeautyBloggers #SelfCare

Products to use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks

Products to use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks

Pregnancy is blessed state one woman can be in, but it also leaves some changes on one’s body.
Stretch marks are those ugly reminders we want to avoid, so in my opinion, it is better to fight them from the very beginning then cry later.

Not every skin type is the same, and some women are more likely to get skin damage then others.

I personally have very dry skin on my body (my face is a different story) so I knew I have to do everything in my power to keep those little marks away from me.

At this moment, when I am 24 weeks pregnant, I am successful in my mission, without any stretch marks.
However, I am aware that the situation can change with time, as my belly will continue to grow.

Here are the products I use to prevent stretch marks:

BIOBAZA MAMA – Nourishing body cream for pregnancy and motherhood

This is Croatian product that I have received as a gift in my favourite drugstore dm (it was in a goody bag all pregnant women receive).
Biobaza is Croatian brand that I am a fan of. Their products are natural without paraben, preservative, parfum or color, and this one was no exception.
It smells like marigolds and it’s very soft on the skin.
Since this lotion is not so oily, in my opinion it is the best one to use in early pregnancy. I almost used all of it, and these days I only use it sometimes in the morning, if I have to go somewhere (to doctors, for example) and don’t have much time to sit and rest while the my skin absorbs oil.


This is the only product I purchased myself, because it was recommended to me by Lush employers.
It is completely vegan and safe to use during pregnancy (most Lush products are, but not all of them, so if you’re pregnant make sure to check all the products are safe before purchasing them).
It smells citrusy and it is easy to use, but it takes ages for it to absorb, because it can be used as a massage bar.
I like it but I am not head over hills with it.


Bio-Oil picture of product without package

Bio-Oil was a gift I received from a friend of mine, and in my opinion, out of all the products I use, this one smells the best.
It’s scent reminds me of roses.
This oil is transported from South Africa and I am not sure where in the world is available, but according to my friend, it is pretty popular along expectant mothers.
Bio-Oil contains Purcellin oil that makes the skin absorb the product faster.
It helps to prevent stretch marks, but also it helps with uneven skin tone, aged and dehydrated skin.
I tried to use it on my face but I had bad reaction – my skin went red, so I use it only on my belly.
I still love it though, because I feel like it really works and it smells so nice. I use it daily.

oleo THERAPY apricot oil

oleo Therapy aprocot oil KEMIG

This one is my absolutely favourite. It is organic, cold pressed apricot oil and it has no scent.
This particular oil is transported from Spain, but in reality, any apricot oil would do the similar job, as long as it’s organic.
I like to use it before bed, as it’s little ticker then Bio-Oil. However, it absorbs pretty fast.
This oil is not only good for stretch marks, but also to use on face and hair.
I tried it on my face multiple times and it leaves my skin very soft.
I have also used it on my hair, few hours before washing it, and I am satisfied with it’s performance.
This is the only product I will continue to use after I give birth and will repurchase it many times.
I truly recommend it, to all women, not only mums-to-be.

That is it!
Tell me how do you fight stretch marks, if you’re pregnant or if you’re not.
Do you have any product recommendations?

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2 thoughts on “Products I use to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy #Pregnancy #Lifestyle #BeautyBloggers #SelfCare”

  1. The only one of these I have heard of and tried is the bio oil. There is a sample bottle in my local chemist and it felt really nice on my hand. You have a.nice range of products there so I hope those pesky stretch marks stay away.
    Amanda xx

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