Sunday Post (Weekly Wrap Up April 29th-May 5th) #SundayPost #Blogging #WrapUp #Reading

Sunday post picture meme girl

Sunday post picture meme girl

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

This meme was created for bloggers to spotlight posts they published in the week, as well as to talk about what they plan to write in the week that’s coming.

Sunday post is also great opportunity to showcase books we got in the week behind us.


Hi Guys!

Long time no see! If you noticed, I stepped away from blogging for a while, and that is because I was working on  new design for my blog. I wanted to focus only on that to make sure I did it right. I hope you like how it turned out!

Now with the new domain and fresh look, I am happy to announce that new posts will be live regularly, and there will be 3-4 posts per week.

As for my private life, there is not much going on. I was really sick on Friday, my throat hurt so badly I almost didn’t go to work, but I decided to try my best to make through that one day and see if it will develop into something more serious. I think it was just a bad cold, because I couldn’t breathe either, but there is nothing that warm bath can’t cure, so I am much better now, and I will be ready to go to work tomorrow.
My nose is still running, but with warm baths, paracetamol, vitamin C and Septolete, this cold is pretty much under control.

Last week on Book Dust Magic:

Saturday: I launched Book Dust Magic 2.0 and I also reviewed The Evidence Agains You by Gillian McAllister

Next week on Book Dust Magic:

Upcoming reviews:

The Curse of La Llorna movie cover horror thomas wildus and the book of sorrows by j.m. bergen book cover

I will also talk about books I read in April and how I visited Zoo park in Zagreb.

Currently reading:

thomas wildus and the book of sorrows by j.m. bergen book coverThis middle grade novel talks about magic and I am really enjoying it so far!

That is it!
Let me know what’s been going on with you, what you’ve been reading or watching this week and feel free to leave your links so I can visit you.
Have a lovely Sunday!

13 thoughts on “Sunday Post (Weekly Wrap Up April 29th-May 5th) #SundayPost #Blogging #WrapUp #Reading”

  1. Congratulations on your new look Irena. I love it and am looking forward to a more varied posting from you. Particularly looking forward to seeing the post on your visit to Zoo Park.
    Glad you are feeling better, hope the rest of the germs get zapped away too.
    Amanda xx


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