Welcome to Book Dust Magic 2.0! #bloggers #lifestyle #bookbloggers

Book Dust Magic blog logo

Book Dust Magic blog logo

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to quickly mention that Book Dust Magic is now updated to it’s own domain.
I want to say thank you to everyone who was looking forward to see it’s new design, and I hope you like it.

I am still working on small changes and updates, but I hope everything will be complete this weekend.

As for the blog itself, new posts will be published regularly from Monday on. There will be 3-4 blog posts per week, in which I will talk about books, movies, places, products and everything my heart is with.

However, there will be one book review posted later today, because I host the blog tour, and there will be Sunday post tomorrow.

I hope you’re all having a lovely time and I am looking forward to hang out with you here on Book Dust Magic in the future.

Take care,


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Book Dust Magic 2.0! #bloggers #lifestyle #bookbloggers”

    1. Thank you Susan! I settled on Premium level and I really like the options so far. I was sure I’d be self hosting, but then decided to upgrade instead because one of the bloggers I look up to, Jenny from Jenny in Neverland told me she has premium and that it works well for her.

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      1. I like premium as well. Luckily I was still working when i was working and had the money to upgrade. Ok let me clarify. I hate word press and premium makes it bearable to the point I dont throw my phone and laptop out the window from my apt which is on the 24th floor. It could do damage. I hope it is going well for you. I know how freaking scary it is but it is so worth it. I am not at all an expert or even like midlevel but if you have questions that I have a shot at answering feel free to ask

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      2. Ok thanks you Susan, if I’ll have any kind of questions it’s good to know I can count on you.
        Tbh, I never hated wordpress, but when you see how other blogs have options you don’t have, it makes you want for them too. Like plugins that ow I don’t have because I stayed at wordpress. But I like the preformance of my blog right now, the new theme is also simple which is exactly what I wanted, so I hope I will stay satisfied.
        Do you self host now? If yes, what host do you use if you don’t mind me asking?


      3. I do self host at word press but I am thinking of changing hosts in July. I’m just tired of things with word press like the cost end lack of support and difficult user interface. But I’m afraid of losing content (biggest freaking fear) and losing followers/numbers etc… plus EVERYONE uses wp which makes it easier for people to follow so that is another concern so I’m not sure. I kinda feel like finding a site with a free trial and trying it and seeing how hard it is and then deciding…but I’d have to figure it out. Plus I dont get why for the love of God they cant charge monthly instead of yearly like what the hell is that about?


      4. Yes, it would be so much easier if it was possible to pay monthly. I also was afraid of losing content and just like you said, more people use wordpress so it is easier. I was afraid for bloglovin followers too, but I think it is managed okay.


      5. Bloglovin is the bane of my existence. I try to follow people any other way but that way! It is so hard to get to the actual post through bloglovin (I find). But maybe it is just my ineptitude.

        I dont get the paying by year at all. What is their problem??? It is a lot of money. Hell the next level up for premium is a car payment FFS

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      6. I think it is the thing that they count if you pay for a year you will stick with them for that year. Otherwise it wouldn’t be as save to them as it is now.
        I decided to save each month some sum so I wouldn’t have problems next year when I’ll have to pay for the plan and domain, but you never know what plans life will have!


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