Movie Monday: Pet Sematary – freaky, scary and improved #MovieMonday #MovieReview #PetSematary

Pet Sematary 2019 movie cover horror stephen king

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I watch a new version of Pet Sematary, a movie based on the novel by Stephen King.

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Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary 2019 movie cover horror stephen king

If you know me, you know I appreciate good horror.
And because I watch so many movies from that genre, I like to think I can recognize the good one.

This, my friends, was a good horror.

We all know about Pet Sematary, or at least, most of us have heard of it before. It is a well known novel by Stephen King, and there is also a movie from late ’80s (that even got a sequel).
There are also so many references in other books and movies considering this story.

I have watched the original version of the movie few years ago, and I remember that I liked the idea of the story, but the movie itself didn’t win me 100%.
It was a bit silly and, as strange as it sounds, unrealistic (here I talk about 2 year old fighting adults with straight of a professional wrestler), but overall, it was a good story.

When I heard the new version was coming out I was pretty excited.
After watching the trailer and realizing there were more elements to the story, I was bumped, I knew I had to watch it.

Pet Sematary didn’t disappoint. No, I was thrilled! It was so much better then I expected, and it brought to the table so much more then the previous version.

It is also different then the first movie, and because I haven’t read the book, I don’t know which movie follows the actual story (if you do know, please enlighten me).

In this movie we got to see more to the characters, learn their past and really get to know them.

My favourite character was the cat, which in my opinion wasn’t evil at all. Or at least, Church wasn’t THAT evil (he even reminds me of my GiGi). Every time there were scenes featuring him, my mood would just lighten up. I guess that’s because I’m a cat lover.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Pet Sematary because it is the best horror movie I have watched in 2019.

14 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Pet Sematary – freaky, scary and improved #MovieMonday #MovieReview #PetSematary”

  1. The cat will always live in my nightmares! Pet Sematary is my favourite from King, but from what I saw in the trailer, some stuff differ from the book! I need to find the courage to watch it to let you know exactly what’s different, as I’ve read it 18 times xD

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  2. I remember reading the book when I was a lot younger but I forget the story. I am going to look at the YouTube trailer for this film. Did you watch it in the cinema or on tv/ streaming?
    Glad you enjoyed it Irena 😊

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  3. I’ve heard mixed things about this film. I haven’t read the book OR seen the original movie. So like you, I wouldn’t know which one was most true to the book. But I think if it’s a good film, it doesn’t really matter. I love a good horror but sadly nothing scares me anymore! I doubt this will but if it’s a decent movie then that’s all good. I might be going to see it this week!



  4. I can’t watch horror movies, they genuinely frighten me too much (and not in a good way!). For the same reason, I can’t read Stephen King either. I had such bad nightmares after Carrie and Christine that I’ve had to swear off them all. But I’m glad you enjoyed the new film! Lisa x


  5. Ooooo now i cant wait to see it! I watched the original a couple of nights ago, it has becone less scary as the years pass for me. Now the re make will hopefully gain my scares back! Lol


  6. Really? Like really?

    Like really? I was so hard core angst that they remade this movie I refused to hear word one about it but you seem like it really hit a home run..



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