I plan to self-host my blog #BloggingTips #Lifestyle #Business

cozy workplace freepik picture blogging tips

cozy workplace freepik picture blogging tips


It has been three years since I started blogging and in those three years, I had my ups and downs, but what is most important, I learned a lot.

When I first launched Book Dust Magic my main goal was to be part of reading community, and to improve my English as much as possible.
It was a hobby I gained so much from.

Now, after three years, I want to upgrade my blog to a next level.
I already stated that Book Dust Magic will become book/lifestyle blog.

I am taking my blog serious as if it was my second job, and I want to invest into Book Dust Magic like I would in my business.

Therefore, I decided to say goodbye to my free wordpress page and buy myself a new domain, to go self host.
I know I could upgrade my wordpress to next level, but after some thinking I decided to self host, and in all honesty, the main reason for that are plugins and freedom that comes with self hosting.

I already contacted several web hosting platforms to be sure in my decision.

Why am I telling you all that?

Firstly, because Book Dust Magic will be available on new address https://bookdustmagic.com from May 1st.

Secondly, I will try to move all of my followers to my new domain, but if you follow me via email, you will probably not get new emails every time I post something new, so make sure to subscribe to my blog after May 1st on my new domain.
If you follow me on wordpress, you should be able to see my new posts on your wordpress dashboard (if everything goes right, that is!).

I will try to make the transition on my own, so let’s hope I’ll succeed (and that I won’t lose my content).

You are probably curious why would I do it all on my own?

Well, I want to see if I can do it. And if I can, it will be one more skill I learned.
If I don’t, I will ask for help from professional.

Plans for the future…

Book Dust Magic will run on this web address until April 15th and then it will be launched on it’s new domain bookdustmagic.com on May 1st.

I hope everything will go well!
Please wish me luck and I hope we will have an amazing time on my new domain.

From May 1st you can expect to see Book Dust Magic in new, better, more professional and better looking version.
I can’t wait to see you there!

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11 thoughts on “I plan to self-host my blog #BloggingTips #Lifestyle #Business”

  1. Good luck and congratulations on making the decision to take your blog to the next level! Hope all goes okay with the self hosting move. I’m not self hosted but I am planning on upgrading to the WordPress Business plan this month when my Premium subscription runs out. Turning my blog into a business was the best decision I ever made! Best of luck with it!


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    1. Thank you Jenny, I hope everything will be okay.
      I am still bit scared, or maybe I should say my feet got cold, and now I’m debating whether I should just upgrade my wordress plan or still stick with the self-hosting plan…


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