Funny, educational and doggy: Rules of the Ruff by Heidi Lang (Book Review) #MiddleGrade #BookReview #Comedy #RulesOfTheRuff #Dogs

Title: Rules of the Ruff
Author: Heidi Lang
Publisher: Amulet Books
Date: August 14th, 2018
Pages: 249
Format: Physical ARC
Source: from Publisher for a review


Not much can surprise me these days, but the fact that it took more then 6 months for this book to arrive at my doorstep since the day it was sent, left me in shock.
I was sure I was ghosted by the publisher, since I know so many bloggers want to review books, and there is always limited number of proofs. When I opened my mail I was so happy to see Rules of the Ruff, because I really, really wanted to read this middle grade novel.

The story follows Jessie who is spending her summer at her aunt, with her cousin Ann who pretty much ignores her since she started to hang out with her new bestie Loralee.
In order to make the best of her summer, Jessie figures she could walk dogs with Wes, an older guy who walks dogs professionally.
After some negotiating they come to terms that Jessie will help Wes walk the dogs, but she has to learn all the Rules of the Ruff, which will help her to understand dogs like she is a part of the pack.

Rules of the Ruff is filled with entertainment, but also with lots of knowledge about dogs.
I think it is not only perfect choice for children and adults who like to read funny books, but it is perfect manual for everyone who’s thinking about getting a dog.

Readers will along with Jessie learn so much about what an obligation, but also pleasure, owning a dog can be, and what it takes to take care of hounds  properly.

The novel is written in third person, following Jessie’s POV.

The writing style is easy to read, but at the same time it is very entertaining and quality.

I think it is important to mention that the author herself is a dog walker, so every advice this book contains is first hand.

The book talks not only human-dogs relationship, but also explores human relationships, touches subjects like rivalry, behaviour, early love interests, and gives many lessons about life and one’s relationship with others.

I highly recommend this book to middle graders, but also to everyone who likes reading about dogs and children.
If you’re looking for a book that will keep you entertained all day, Rules of the Ruff is the one for you!

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    1. Ohh, I’m do late with this reply…
      I can’t say anything for sure, but I bet it was stuck somewhere in Croatian post, because they are known for their productivity.
      For example, I am still waiting one book that need to review next Monday, and a birthday gift for my friend that I ordered more them one month ago, and her birthday is this Thursday. I really don’t have words…


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