Playing Book Fairy in Zagreb: Giving Away my Books #ibelieveinbookfairies #Booklovers #Books #BookFairy #Zagreb #Croatia

At the very beginning of 2019 I caught myself thinking how can I start this new year on a positive note.

If you didn’t know, I am a huge believer in karma, or as I like to call it, the law of “the world gives you back what you give and do to others”. Because of that, I like to start year with doing something good.

This year, I was inspired by Book Fairies who I worked with (I actually worked with Simon and Schuster UK who collabed with Book Fairies) in 2018 (and you can read bits about it here). They are organization of people who leave books around for other people to find them.

I like the idea, because as a book lover, I can only imagine how excited I would be if I found a great book somewhere in the city, that waits it’s new owner to take it.


So what I decided is to take 5 ARCs that I enjoyed reading but knew I wouldn’t reread, and took them with me to center of Zagreb, while the tourists were still there.
I chose 5 places and left books for someone to find them. I really hope they found a good home.


In the time I was working on my “project book fairy” I didn’t have official stickers, so I wrote my own message similar to the one Book Fairies use.

I can now proudly say that I am also one of book fairies, and to be honest, the feeling is good.


There is something satisfying in giving to others, so if you have some books you don’t want to keep anymore, I highly recommend you to do something similar (or donate them).


P.S. I apologize for the low quality of pictures. It was dark and I used my phone camera.

What do you do with books you don’t want anymore?
What about ARCs?

Feel free to leave your opinions, comments and links bellow.


  1. omg this is such an amazing idea!! I’d love to do something similar, it would be so cool if whoever picked the books up let you know somehow. I think I might do something similar soon with any ARCS or books I no longer want to keep! Such a great way to give back and spread some bookish magic. Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Yeah, it would be nice to knew if they found a new home. I like to believe book persons found them.
      It is a good way to get rid of books/ARCs you don’t need anymore, and it is a really good feeling, full of excitement and happiness. I highly suggest it!
      P.S. I’ve put #ibelieveinbookfairies on sticker in hope someone would use it to let me know.


  2. Aww what an absolutely gorgeous idea! I’ve got a few ARCs lurking around that I’m not certain what to do with – this sounds awesome! Bet you were absolutely buzzing from it.

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    1. It was a good feeling, can’t lie! 😀
      If you have a chance, I do encourage you to do something similar. That way you make yourself extra space for new books, and make someone’s day. It’s a nice thing.


  3. Lovely photos Irena. And a great way to start your year. I like the christmas lights in the photo.
    I have done this before and some books have gone by the time I went back. It’s good to hope that they want to good homes and to someone who will enjoy them.
    I never found out where my books went but I did put the #bookfairies on them.
    Now you have a bit of space for more books. 😉📚
    Amanda xx

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I have to admit photos are not that good, but it is kind of comforting to hear you like them.
      Ohh, you’ve done it too! It is a great thing to do. If you do it again, you can also do a post about it.
      I also left the hashtag, but didn’t notice that anyone of finders has used it.

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  4. What a lovely thing to do! And from this post i’ve added a couple of books to my goodreads so thank you! Did you leave your Twitter handle or something so new owners could let you know they’ve been found?

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    1. Ohh, I probably expressed myself wrong, or maybe you misunderstood me. I don’t work at Simon & Schuster, but It worked with them on a project in 2018.
      However, I do work im publishing house Mozaik Knjiga, it’s a small Croatian (but really Slovenian) one and here we don’t have ARCs but I do have access to finished copies. 😀

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