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Hi Guys!

I am not fine.

You have probably noticed that I am not active all that much in the blogosphere, nor am I enthusiastic for the HoHoHo Readathon, which is really ashame, because it is my favorite readathon and Christmas books are my favorite, but something happened and it took all the joy from me, at least for now.

On Thursday I was attacked in front of my own building. Some would say that by using the word attack I’m overreacting, but this is what it was, and I will tell you the whole story here.

Usually, there are always people in somewhere around my building because we have 18 floors, but this time there were no one. That evening Croatian football team played a game vs Spain, so everyone was probably in front of their TVs, plus it was pretty cold outside,

I was already walking up the stairs that lead to the entrance when I heard steps behind me and I remember thinking how the person is too close to me. I didn’t turn around but walked and when I stopped to unlock the main door, I one again thought that the person is too close, it was like I could feel his breath, and I knew it was a male.
Then, I heard some unfamiliar sound, that reminded me of that sound that comes when you open a coca cola bottle, but it was different, and I felt something like electricity on my left shoulder and there was that unique smell, and the first thing that crossed my mind was that I was electroshocked, but somehow I was still here, awake. I turned around and the guy had his hands in his pockets, his head was looking down and he went away, but I saw his profile.

I run into my building, and in the mirror in the elevator I saw that my jacket was splashed with some sort of smelly liquid.
I don’t know it that was an acid or maybe some kind of drug that can put you into sleep, but what I do know that I was a target, and who knows what could have happened if I turned around while I was unlocking the door, maybe that liquid was aimed for my face, and maybe I wouldn’t even be alive now.

Our lock was broken only few days ago and it took really long time to unlock it, but that fix it only one day before the attack happened, so maybe my attacker didn’t now it was fixed.

What kills me now I don’t know what was his motive. Has he mistaken me for another girl, is he a psychopath who was using the situation when no one was around, and I was the one who was at the wrong place at the wrong time?
And the worst case scenario: am I the target. He could be following me around for 6 months and I didn’t have a clue.
And next time, what if he succeeds in his mission?
I am afraid for my own life, and the fact that he knows where I live and that he attacked me in front of my own building terrifies me.

That is all from me. Let’s hope next week and months you will be able to read my posts, but if they stop without a word… I don’t even want to think about it, but at the same time, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Btw, there were some changes in my blogging schedule because of the request from one of the publishers, so this is why you didn’t get a review for Not Just for Christmas, but got A Christmas Date instead.

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Monday: I reviewed The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes

Wednesday: I talked about my trip to Budapest

Friday: I reviewed A Christmas Date by Camilla Isley


Next Week on Book Dust Magic:

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I will also talk about my #HoHoHoRat wrap up.


Book Haul:

 I was at a book festival so I bougt myself 4 books, two in English and two in Croatian.


Currently reading:

 I started this book yesterday but I haven’t read all that much. It seems like a good Christmas book so far!


That is it!
Let me know what’s been going on with you, what you’ve been reading or watching this week and feel free to leave your links so I can visit you.
Have a lovely Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Post (Weekly Wrap Up November 12th-November 18th) #SundayPost #BookBloggers #WrapUp #Blogger”

  1. Oh, Irena, I’m so sorry this happened to you😢.

    One thing I know about trauma, it helps to keep talking about it. I hope you have people around you that will listen to you tell your story, talk about how you felt and still feel. Continue to share here because we are ready to listen and care about your well being.

    Have the police been any help? Were they able to see anything on security cameras?

    Thinking about you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Irena. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you. How horrible and scary. I can see why you are nervous and anxious now that you don’t know why you were targeted. I hope the police can be of some help and that you stay safe .
    Did you go to the police and show them your jacket? Maybe they would know what the liquid was.
    I hope you can try to enjoy the rest of HoHoHo.
    Love and safe vibes. Amanda xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amanda, I was stupid enough and didn’t go to the police. I didn’t even call them because I was at shock, but they were noticed later. The thing is, they don’t pay attention until something really happens, and that is the real problem in our state.
      I will have to keep safe on my own, which means getting something to bring with me everytime I’m on the streets, and also my fieance walks with me so I wouldn’t have to walk alone.
      It is really scary, and I hope it was a one time thing, but still that doesn’t mean that that guy won’t attack someone else, and next time maybe that liquid will be in the victim’s face.
      It’s scary how sick some people are.


  3. What happened to you is terrible, I am so sorry you had to go through that. Did you talk to the police? It is normal for you to be anxious at this time, and I hope this remains a one-time thing. Stay safe!

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  4. I am so sorry this happened to you- that would be terrifying for anybody. I think it’s good you shared it though, even though it may have been hard- do you have a good support network of people close to you? And like others have said, I hope the police are involved. Take care and be safe!

    Your Christmas books looks fun.

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    1. Hi Greg, I have a thoughtful fiance who comes for me so I wouldn’t walk the street and enterance alone, but otherwhise I didn’t want to scare my parents since they don’t live in the same city and can’t do anything, and I also didn’t want to stress out my sister since she’s trying to get pregnant for the longest time and has to be at piece.
      At work almost everyone was supportive, only one woman told me in my face that that happened to me because I read too many books. Like, she wanted to tell me that I imagined the whole thing, and now I know that I don’t want to have that persone anywhere near me, if she can’t be supporting she doesn’t have to be mean.


      1. Oh my gosh the woman at work blamed it on you reading? That’s pretty bizarre! Some people are just odd. Anyway I’m glad you have your fiance to escort you- can never be too safe! Take care of yourself and be safe.


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