September Reading Wrap Up

In September I managed to read 6 books. I am really happy with that, because I was aiming to read 5 books, so the fact that I read 6 books, plus that one of them was 500+ pages long is the reason to be even more satisfied with myself.
I know some would say that 6 books for a book reviewer is a low number, but honestly I don’t care. I am finally making peace with the fact that I can’t read fast as others can, and I decided that I won’t feel bad about myself because of that any more.
Instead of feeling guilty or like the worst reader ever (I called myself that multiple times) I will enjoy my books at pace I read them, and I will get the most from my reading: I will enjoy stories and also analyze writing styles and novel structures. Just like Jane Costello once said: I will read like a writer.

These are the books I read in September:


My favorite book of the month: 


That is it!

Tell me what awesome books have your read in August?

5 thoughts on “September Reading Wrap Up”

    1. I saw your post about that,and I hope this month will be better. 🙂 My aim for October is 5 books, and if I read more, I’ll be happy. I decided not to pressure myself and just enjoy reading at my own pace.


  1. Ooh I look forward to your review of While you were sleeping. I am considering giving my copy away but I will wait and read your review first. 6 books is amazing. My reading and blogging is almost at a stop at the moment, but I’m not worried. I will come back to it when I want to. I still enjoying reading your posts though. ☺
    Amanda xx

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    1. I noticed that you are absent, but I thought you were too busy, but if you’re on a break I support you. I know it from the first hand how sometimes the break from blogging is something one needs at time. I hope you are okay though?
      As for While I was Sleeping, my review will be live next week, and I can tell you now that it is a really, really good book. But also very emotional.


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