Movie Monday: The Nun #MovieReview #MovieMonday #TheNun

Movie Monday is a feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

Yesterday I watched The Nun which is a fifth movie in The Conjuring franchise.


The Nun

Yesterday I went to the movie theatre with my friend. We went to see The Nun. I knew I wanted to watch that movie for weeks now, since I am a big fan of horrors, especially of the whole Conjuring franchise.

Just like with books, when it comes to movies, I like to know less about them before watching.
I mean, I don’t go blind into them (like I do with books sometimes) because I like to know if I’ll like the story, premise or the way camera films (I am allergic to cheap cameras and when the whole movie is filmed with the camera shaking in one’s hand), but if the movie already had it’s ancestor, I don’t have an urge to know much about it.

That’s what my case with The Nun was. I knew all the movies that were released before it and I loved all of them, so I had no doubt I’d like this one too.

I was right, of course. The Nun was a really, really good movie. It was not as scary as I hoped it would be, but the story itself was excellent. I loved how it played with everyone’s (from characters to audience) heads and the creepy vibe it had the whole time.

The characters were really good too, with two likeable characters (My favorite was Franchie and the other is Sister Irene) and one not so likeable person (Father Burke).

My favorite part of the movie is the end. Telling you anything about it would ruin the movie for you, so I won’t say a thing, but I will just stress out how I admire how it intertwined with other movies in the end.
The very last scene made me want to watch the first movie again.

As for the whole franchise, as it stands now, my favorite movie is The Conjuring 2, and then Annabelle. After that it all get’s blurry and I don’t know which one from the last three I liked the best and which one the least.
As for The Nun, I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle.

10 thoughts on “Movie Monday: The Nun #MovieReview #MovieMonday #TheNun”

  1. I love horror movies, my all time favourites are the shining and the evil dead (1981). I was having second thoughts about watching the nun because the reviews weren’t that great, but after reading your post, I’ll give it a chance.

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    1. I’d say give it a go,but don’t expect to be scared. Now when I think, I don’t remember that there was a sceen, not even one, that scared me. But I liked the story.
      Ohh, I watched Evil Dead and it was funny (I watched it with my friend) but even though it’s embarrassing, I have to admit I haven’t watched The Shining.


  2. I haven’t heard of this film. I have heard of The Conuring, but haven’t seen it. Its a good sign that the final scene made you want to watch the first one again, sounds like a good series for a movie marathon weekend!
    I’m happy your movie monday feature is back, I like to know what good films are out.

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  3. I must admit, before reading this review, all I knew about The Nun is that there was a YouTube advert that scared the living daylights out of the lots of people. It’s surprising to hear, then, that the actual movie wasn’t as scary as it was expected to be! I’ve heard a lot of modern horror films quite heavily criticised for being the same old thing, so it’s nice to hear that this was interesting to you. The fact that the last sentence was powerful enough that it had you wanting to watch the first one all over again definitely says something, too!

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