Sunday Post (Weekly Wrap Up Jan. 30th – Feb. 5th)


Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

This meme was created for bloggers to spotlight posts they published in the week, as well as to talk about what they plan to write in the week that’s coming.

Sunday post is also great opportunity to showcase books we got in the week behind us.

spoiler vrpca

Hi guys!

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

This week was pretty slow and monotonous for me.
Except meeting some friends and family, not much was going on.
I was more active on my Goodreads group then in blogosphere. February challenge started and right now my reading team is placed first, which is great, especially considering that me and my January team were placed very last in January challenge.

My review for Split movie grabbed more attention on twitter then I expected. I was criticized for supporting it, and for writing in my review that the main character is schizophrenic.
Since then I learned more about DID, and I added a note about that as an addition to my review.


Last week on Book Dust Magic:

Monday: I reviewed Split in my Movie Monday post

Wednesday: I reviewed White Lies & Wishes by Cathy Bramley 

Thursday: I talked about my reading/blogging plans for 2017

Saturday: I reviewed Alabester: What is Most Precious is Also Most Fragile by Chris Aslan


Next week on Book Dust Magic:

Upcoming reviews:

books: freeks annabel-lee

I also plan to post my January wrap-up and tell you what book I can’t wait to be released in my WoW post.

spoiler vrpca

Book Haul:

For review:

learning-to-love Author Sheryl Browne contacted me and asked me if I’d like to give her book Learning to Love a chance, and I gladly agreed.

the-mesmerist I was so happy when I saw that my wish (that I requested last year in October) on Netgalley was granted. The only obsatcle is that it can not be send to kindle app, so I’ll have to read it on my computer.

freeks I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get this beautiful edition of Freeks by Amanda Hocking from Tor Books HQ, Pan

paris-for-one Paris for One was such a lovely surprise. Wonderful team from Penguin, Michael Joseph sent it unsolicited.

spoiler vrpca

In case you’re interested…

This week lovely Megan from BookslayerReads did a Q&A with me. We talked about blogging in general and I gave some blogging advices. You can check it out here.

spoiler vrpca

Currently Reading:

paris-for-one I starterted this yesterday before bed, read only the first (and main) story and thought it was pretty good.


That is it!
Let me know what’s been going on with you, what you’ve been reading or watching this week and feel free to leave your links so I can visit you.
Have a lovely Sunday!


41 thoughts on “Sunday Post (Weekly Wrap Up Jan. 30th – Feb. 5th)”

    1. Basically, because I said that the main character was schizophrenic when today DID is not schizophrenia (but in past people thought it was, and I thought it was, because I remember when one woman with DID was on Oprah show and they said there that she’s a schizophrenic, so that’s why I thought he was), and basically, for supporting a movie that represents people with DID in a wrong way.
      I mean it’s not like I made the movie, and it’s fiction.

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      1. I went back and read the comment. A little unfair I thought, fair enough to let you know, but you are probably in the majority to make that assumption. You’re right the movie is fiction and quite obviously so. You did the right thing though by making an added comment. ( just In case some people are offended). Though political correctness has gone too far these days in my opinion. 😉

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  1. Slow weeks can be good weeks – they usually mean lots of reading time. And don’t worry about people saying stuff about your film review – your entitled you your opinion so don’t be afraid to ever voice it. Hope next week will be good one for you.

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    1. Thanks Laurel! I’m not the one for short stories collections either, but I was really happy to read Paris for One.
      The thing is, it never even cross my mind to go and purchase/borrow a short stories book. I only own one – My True Love Gave To Me.


    1. It was okay. I felt bad a bit, because I felt like I was accused for supporting a movie, but then because of criticism I learned something new. It’s not bad to point finger when something/someone is wrong, but there’s always a polite way.
      My mind about the movie and the whole thing about it is clear, so I don’t feel bad for supporting fictional story.

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  2. Congrats on getting some books for review! It’s exciting to receive them in the mail. Let me know how Freeks goes? I started in January but couldn’t get into it. I hope to start on it again soon.. I was supposed to read for the tour but I had to back out.. I feel bad about it.. Have you read all of Jojo’s books? I bought her famous one, Me Before You but I haven’t read it yet.

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    1. Thank you Jasmine! You’re so right, everytime a receive a book, especially from big publishers, I feel like I’m doing something right, if they want me to review one of their books. 🙂
      I already finished Freeks. I devoured it! I can see on GR that most of my friends rated it 3 stars, but I totally love it. I plan to review it for Thursday.
      I only read Me Before You. I liked it, but wasn’t in love with it. I guess the hype was too big, especially in my country. Everyone loved it, talked how much they cried, people who don’t usually read they all read it and talked about it, even years before the movie.

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      1. I will give Freeks a try again after I read your review to see what you loved about it 😊 I also received a few books this year. I really like it. And that book from Sophie Kinsella is definitely the biggest well-known author & publisher I have gotten ever. It feels really good. I thought why didn’t I read & review books 5 years ago?! So I’m really cherishing the opportunity to read & review books now, especially receiving eARCs and physical ones 😊

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      2. Yes! I get you!
        I also regret for now having blog earlier, because I wanted to have one a year before actually started blogging. Now when I think, my blog would probably be bigger if I started when I wanted.
        Can I ask you, do you send book review requests, or do publishers contact you first?
        I’ll admit I send them sometimes, but I was also contacted so in my case is both.

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      3. It’s both for me too! First I have to email to publishers so that they will know my blog and I exist then they started to contact me for reviews. Just this morning, I received an email from Curiosity Quills inviting me to be their reviewer because they liked my review for the book Princess of Tyrone. The author of that book invited me to read via Goodreads. I’m liking Goodreads more now haha…

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      4. Ohh, that is amazing! Congrats!
        Ohh, I have never emailed publisher to let them know I exist. I just sent my review requests, I had no idea that was the thing, to present our blogs to publishers. Maybe I should do that, but honestly, I have no idea what to say.
        The only thing that I do sometimes is that I mention publishers on tweeter when tweeting about my review.

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      5. Just read your answers on Bookslayer Reads.. Congrats on being chosen to be featured on her Saturday Special! I love your answers! What do you mean by not reviewing for free when others are earning money for your hard work. Do you get paid for your reviews? I know some bloggers do that.. but I don’t.

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      6. Thanks Jasmine!
        Unfortunately, I do not get paid for reviews (I would love if I did), and I actually have never heard that someone who blogs actually gets paid for reviews, even though I’ve heard about that myth. Maybe it is true, maybe you know more about that then me.
        I know bloggers get paid for advertising (something I’d like to do if my blog was bigger) and to review/present certain products, and of course, traveling bloggers get paid to travel and present places and hotels.
        I know booktubers get paid for reviews (but only big ones, with 20 000 subscribers) and maybe some bookstagrammers.
        What I ment when saying that you don’t want for someone to earn money for your hard, free work is this: from my own experience, there are sites who’s margines are full of ads, and they get paid for them. They obviously have a lot of visitors every day. Well, I know that some of those sites contact bloggers and ask them to feature their reviews on their site, and the only thing that you get from them is your name and link to your blog, something like more people will hear about you and your blog. That would be okay if you it works on base that you’d give them your premission to use certain review, but the way they work is that you have to sign contract, and in that contract you give them premission to use any of your reviews, whenever they want, without a notice, Basically, you give them possession on your reviews. And they don’t even write their own reviews.
        It doesn’t sound bad at first, to be featured on a big site, but then again, those sites earn money from you free work. Reviews are valuable, maybe you don’t get paid for them, but you have put a lot of your free time to read the book, to write and to edit your review. I just don’t want for new bloggers to be used in that way.

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      7. I haven’t been approached by those sites so I’m not aware of that yet. Thanks for pointing that out! A blogger mentioned about authors paying bloggers to read and reviews their books. I didn’t ask her for details. Also, I think there are websites that pays for reviews. I didn’t look closely into that either. You can visit She told me about getting paid for writing book reviews.

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      8. I was just on her site. I can see she has policy about review costs, you can have it too, but I guess then you’ll probably read only b-lists and indie authors. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just the matter of preference. I prefer traditionally published authors.

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      9. I am the same way as you.. haha.. I rather review books I want to read. I visited Curiosity Quills.. they don’t have any books I want to read.. so maybe that invitation is not as exciting as I had thought.. so far, I noticed that I ended up liking all the books I read from Harper Collins and Disney. I also like books from Penguin Random House and Balzer & Bray. Guess that sums up the big publishers huh? hahaha

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      10. Exactly! I only read one book by Disney (with you 🙂 ), but I always love books by HarperCollins, especially their contemporaries.
        Also, Simon & Schuster has great contemporaries.
        My favorite is Penguin Random House, and they love me the best from all of them. 🙂

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      11. Yes, Because my first ARC ever won in giveaway was from Penguin, then my first paperback for review was from Penguin, my first review request that was answered on a positive note was from Penguin, my first review request from publisher, for physical copy, was sent from Penguin and my first unsolicited review copy was from Penguin.
        + now when I am longer in book community, some publicists that work in Penguin follow me, so now they are my favorite because they showed me love. 😀

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  3. Well, I find that no matter what you like or don’t like, someone is bound to disagree with you! If I’ve made a mistake in a post, or if someone has a different opinion, I’m very happy be part of a conversation and share thoughts and ideas. But I really dislike commenters who are disrespectful or unkind, because you can’t have a meaningful conversation in that situation!

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