Movie Monday: Ouija and Before the Flood

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I watched two movies: one horror I chose to watch on Halloween evening and one highly anticipated documentary.



ouija While Americans celebrate Halloween in the most amazing way we, European people, usually don’t celebrate it. That means there’s no costume parties (unless you’re kinky 😉 ) or candies (unless you buy them yourself), so what I like to do every Halloween is to watch horror movies.

Horror is my favorite genre when it comes to films, so it is a rare thing for me to miss a well known title in that genre.
I have heard about Ouija since it first came out on blu-ray and I wanted to watch it, but I kept putting it off.
It’s sequel literally just came to theatres in Croatia, so I figured out it was a perfect time to watch the first movie in this series, the one that came out in 2014.

I watched the movie with my father and he was the perfect company. We both called out director’s mistakes and naive scenes, as well as some confusing/neglected parts.

The story follows a group of high schoolers who’s friend killed herself after playing with Ouija board. As their way to say goodbye to their associate, the group of friends decide to play with the same Ouija board in the house she took her life.
As you probably can imagine, Ouija is their connection with paranormal force that starts to follow them and nobody is safe anymore.

Even though this movie has mistakes and confusing moments, it is overall an enjoyable piece and I am glad it was my choice as a Halloween entertaiment.

Before the Flood

before-the-floodBefore the Flood is a documentary Leonardo DiCaprio spent three years in making. It talks about global warming and it shows so many places all over the world, places that are already affected by man’s abuse and overuse of energy and fossil oil.
Not only does it warn us about what life on Earth will probably look like decades from now, but it also tells us what we, as individuals, can do to make this process that destroys our planet slow down.
Maybe we think one can’t do much, but if many people start to listen, then there won’t be just one man listening but thousands, millions of people saving our planet.

I highly suggest to everyone: go and watch it. I encourage you to listen Leo’s speach at the very end of the movie. There’s so much true and passion in it.

Before the Flood was free for streaming everywhere last week (I watched it on Youtube) and it should still be available on National Geagraphic channel.


Note: Pictures in this post are not my property but taken from IMDb site and are property of Universal Pictures and National Geagraphic.

23 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Ouija and Before the Flood”

  1. Your post just reminded me I haven’t watched a movie or TV show in days! (except for the episode of Gilmore Girls last night!) I’m too much of a wuss to enjoy horror. I scared myself to death with The Grudge and The Ring (both Japanese versions, because the US ones are never as scary) and Rec. I’ll go check Before The Flood, it sounds so interesting!

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    1. Oh, Rec is such a good horror, amazing actually, but after that movies with the same style came out, like camera in my hand and I’m running, I stopped watching that format of movies. Now my rule is, if you can’t invest in stabile camera, I’m not watching. But Rec is still amazing (and I love Cloverfield) .
      The Ring is one of my all time favorite movies (American version, but I saw Japanese too).
      Was Gilmore new episode good? Should I wantch it?


  2. Sounds like you found a fun way to celebrate Halloween. I don’t recall Ouija, now I am curious. The documentary sounds informative. I will try and remember to watch it. Thanks for the recommendations.

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  3. oh the last one sounds really good!! Although probably not the movie I generally go for…I’m more about superheroes and stabby movies, hehe.😂 I’m glad you managed to enjoy the horror Ouija one despite the mistakes!!

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  4. I refuse to watch or read anything with Ouija Boards in it. Those things scare the sh*t out of mee! :’) I bet Before the Flood is equally scary, though. People who don’t believe in global warming make me so sad and angry! I didn’t know you were from Croatia btw :D. What region are you from?

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    1. People from my town are always fighting whether we are from Slavonja or Podravina. I love to think we’re from Slavonija.
      I’m one of people who refused to believe in global warming for years, but I like everything this movie stands for, because by trying to slow down the global warming, you’re also stopping many things that are bad for our planet too.

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      1. Ah, that’s of course almost the only region where I don’t know anyone :’). I have some really good friends from Zagreb, Zadar and Rovinj. Oh, global warming is real alright. I’m an environmental sciences student and the stats just look horrible :'(. But yes, it’s basically good for a lot of things!

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      2. Cheers! 😀 I always hear stories of cool D&D communities there. And my friends seem to go to the movie on a weekly basis there, so it must have a heck of a cinema! 😉

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