October Wrap Up + Book Haul

October was the best reading month I have had in my life. Before that month, my monthly record was 10 books read. This month, believe it or not, I managed to finish 12 books. Okay, one of them is a picture book and one is novella, but still, I am pretty impressed.

I watched some youtube videos about how you can speed up your reading (become faster reader) and I tried some of those methods during second part of the month and you know what? I noticed I read faster, but I am still not a fast reader by any means nor will I ever speed read, because I like to read every single word and, as I like to say, read like a writer would.
Maybe I should just say I like to be a critical reader (but always trying my best to be respectful).

Okay, I won’t bore you with my rambling anymore…

Here are the books I read during October: (click on covers will lead you to my reviews)

catching-jordan a-cotswold-christmas ne-zaboravi-me marty all she ever wished for the boy is back emmy-and-oliver spells-and-sorcery if-the-magic-fits christmas-under-a-starlit-sky faithful springtime

My favorite book of the month: faithful


Book Haul:

These are the books I collected in September:

Purchased: we were on a break

For review: the-christmas-project the-empire-state the-fearless a-year-and-a-day cruel-beautiful-world christmas-under-a-starlit-sky if-the-magic-fits what-alice-knew malaren-a-swedish white-lies-and-wishes roseblood

Won: the-thousendth-floor falling


That is it!

Tell me what awesome books have your read and hauled in October?


  1. Congrats on setting a new reading goal. It helps to read faster when you are engaged in a good book. Looks like you read some good ones this month. I am so curious about the Hoffman book, I keep reading good reviews for it, but I am so hesitant because I absolutely detested the book Practical Magic. Hope you have a terrific reading month in November. Good Luck

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    1. Thank you! I guess it was a good thing that I haven’t read anything by Hoffman before then. It would be a shame if I skipped this book bc I didn’t like her other work. But who knows, maybe I’d like that one too.
      But actually your comment made me think about one other popular adult author who’s book I hated and decided I won’t read anything by her ever, but maybe I should give her another shout before crossing her from my tbr complitely…


    1. It was such a beautiful book! And I noticed reviews are positive, so I guess it really is good, it’s not only me!
      I actually plan to read We Were On A Break soon. As soon as I read some books I promised to read and review asap, Kelk is on my schedule.


    1. Me too! I was so surprised when the book showed up at my doorstep. I mean, I did requested it, but I thought I don’t have enough followers and since I don’t review only ya, I knew my chances to get a book proof weren’t high, but hey, they were kind enough to send me a copy and I am very thankful.
      I would already read it, but I have a buddy read starting November 7th so I’ll wait until them (and will probably devour it). When do you plan to read it?
      As for Christmas books, yes, I am crazy. I love festive reads, I could read them all year long so I started as soon as I felt it was appropriate. xD

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      1. We should do a Buddy Read for Roseblood 🙂 I haven’t set a date to read it yet. I think the number of followers is not as important as how many reviews you post on your blog & on goodreads/netgalley. So congrats on the physical ARC. I have the ebook through NetGalley.

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      2. If you want we can do a buddy read. I already set one buddy read with the member of my GR group, but she said she’ll read on her own pace and we will just discuss it, so if you are up for that we can read it together. How did you plan it though? Do you set up number of chapters per day or something?
        And thanks! 🙂

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      3. I like it informal. We can give each other a week to read the book. We can come up with 6 questions where we both answer it. Then in our separate review, you display 3 questions with both of our answers and I display 3 questions with both of our answers. (We could do more questions if you prefer). Can you give me your goodreads link? I can add you as my friend. We can send message to each other if you like to share opinions in between. But I do like to give us the freedom to read it at our own pace. Do you want to read it starting Nov 17? Also in my review, I will put a link to your review so other bloggers can visit your post to read your review. I do try to read few chapters a day.

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    1. I will also read Alice soon! I already planned to read it but had no time actually. I have one more book to read and then Alice is the one I’ll be reading. I hear it’s really good!
      I hope you’ll have a chance to read We Were On A Break and Falling soon. 🙂


      1. I hope you’ll like it. 🙂
        I won’t participate in November/December challenge bc it’s all about finishing series and I don’t have many unfinished, plus I actually prefer team challenges bc I am a slow reader and have no chance when there are individual challenges.

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  2. I can read faster than I usually do, but it just isn’t as fun. When I’m reading a book I love, sometimes I reread the same line a few times because I like it so much. Speed reading is good if you’re looking for something in a text or if you’re just trying to finally finish a boring book.
    I have to read Faithful asap, I see it everywhere and I need to find out what’s the hype about 🙂

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  3. 12 books?? Congrats!! I’m reading Faithful 🙂 I started it this morning and I’m already over the 50% mark. I wish there had been a warning about the dogs though! My poor heart is a bit too sad at times!

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    1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that in my review, even though I wanted to. Ohh, I was so angry but it totally makes sense. There are few people who are beggars with dogs in my country, and those dogs are always so still. I guess they are drugged too. It’s so sad! 😦


    1. Thank you! I’ll let you know what I think about Roseblood, but it already has good rating and people are tweeting about it all the time. I hope you’ll get a chance to read it. It’s on Netgalley now so you can try your luck if you want?

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  4. I had no idea it was possible to learn how to read faster, Irena! I naturally read pretty fast, so I guess I’m lucky. And reading two more books than usual in a month is awesome!
    All your books look really good, and I hope you’ll enjoy those you haven’t had a chance to read yet.
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!

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    1. Thank you Lexxie!
      Yes, people can learn to read faster. It’s actually useful for people like me, who at normal pace read 30 pages per hour. Now when I trie, I can read 50 pages per hour, if I read every word, but you can even read faster if you use your peripheral vision and concentrate on the middle of page and read that way. I probably made it sound complicated, but it really isn’t.
      People in my country pay a good amount of money for speed reading classes.
      Some say they started doing better in collage, but I guess that depends on what you study. I can’t imagine medicine students passing their exams if they studied using their peripheral vision,


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