Movie Monday: The Lazarus Effect

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I watched a horror movie that was recommeded to me by one of my blog’s lovely followers.


The Lazarus Effect

lazarus-effectA few weeks ago I hosted a giveaway on my blog. In that giveaway, I asked you guys to recommend me some horror movies you were fascinated by. Although most of those you recommended I was already familiar with, there was one I haven’t watched before: The Lazarus Effect.

My sister and I were in a mood for something spooky and creepy. As she hasn’t watched this movie either, the choice was easy.

The Lazarus Effect talks about a group of scientists who are working on developing a serum that would be able to bring something (or someone) dead back to life. They are recording all of their steps and experiment on a dog, but when the electricity kills a memeber of their team, they decide to use the serum on that person.

I will admit that, even though the premise of this movie sounds pretty good, when it comes to my expectations, they weren’t too high.
I assume that is a good thing, because I ended up liking the movie. I was surprised by the number of familiar faces I saw in this film. I had no idea it has such a good cast.
The plot itself was pretty solid and all in all, I was satisfied with it.

The Lazarus Effect served it’s main purpose: it was a good entertainment.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but I think horror fans would enjoy it much more then others.


Note: Picture in this post is not my property but taken from IMDb site.

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