Movie Monday: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I watched a sequel to a comedy that’s very dear to me.


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is the sequel to 2014 comedy Neighbors.
I remember I was excited about the first movie since the day I heard about it, and then waited a year until it finally came out.
When I finally watched it, I was so happy it lived up to all of my expectations.

Last year when I heard that there’s a sequel coming out and that Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez are starting in it along with an old cast, I was excited, but in whole honesty, I was also scared that it won’t be as good as I wanted for it to be, because, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time that the sequel sucks.

Last week I watched Neighbors 2 along with my friend who hasn’t watched the first movie, and we pretty much had a good time.
The story was easy to follow and, even though there were some things from the movie one mentioned and it would be the best if you’d watch Neighbors prior to this one, my friend had no problem understanding the story and enjoying the film whatsoever.

The movie wasn’t as good as it’s predecessor, but it wasn’t bad either. It had some flaws, some naive scenes and problems that could easily be solved if characters just stopped and thought for a moment, but it was still fun, and that is what is most important when it comes to comedies. It was a good entertainment.

I like how all the cast from the first movie appeared. I adore Dave Franco and love to watch Christopher Mintz-Plasse in movies, so it was nice to see them back, even just for a short time.
Zac Efron was also good and damn, that guy is pretty bulk now, but don’t get me wrong, I like it!

I think Chloe Grace Moretz did an amazing job. The only thing that surprised me was how few scenes with Selena Gomez there were.

Overall, a really good movie to keep you entertained, but it did not live up to it’s predecessor.


Note: Picture in this post is not my property but taken from IMDb site and is property of Universal Pictures.

One thought on “Movie Monday: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”

  1. I haven’t seen the first movie, but I did see a few trailers on youtube for this and they looked kind of hilarious. I don’t watch a lot of movies though, gah, I never have time! But I’m glad this was still a solid watch for you, even if it wasn’t as good as the first!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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