The Pokemon Go Book Tag

Pokémon Go Book Tag, which was originally created by readatmidnight.

I recently saw The Jouska doing it (you can check her post here) and I really liked it so I decided to do it too.

Here we go!!




My love for reading started with Princess Dairies by Meg Cabot. That was the first time I was reading about someone I’d like to hang out with and the first time I felt the craving for sequels.
I also have to mention Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella because after reading the first book I started binge reading chick lit books and that was the first time I fell in love with the genre.



The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. I love, love, looooove the movie and I read the book multiple times.
I also have to mention Pipi Longstocking by Astrid Lingren because that is my favorite book from childhood.


I can’t say that I lost interest, but I feel like I won’t be reading The Darkest Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab any time soon.


Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson has that trope with injured athlete and a girl who’s job is to take care of him, bit I still enjoyed every single page of that book!


Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. It already had big books and now the last one came out and it is enormous!


I honestly have no idea! Probably Vampire Academy back in the day. And Bloodlines because Adrian and the gang.


My absolutely biggest OTP are Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera. They are perfect for each other!


Vampire Academy book three: Shadow Kiss. I don’t think I have ever read faster then when I was reading that book.


I know I’m repetitive but… Vampire Academy again! And I hope Richelle Mead will decide to write at least one, two, three more books with my absolutely favorite book characters in that fascinating world.


The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton. I read it only because it was my Goodreads’ group pick of the month but I devoured it and bought the sequels, devoured them too and now it’s one of my favorite book series and I can’t recommend it enough.


Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.


I wish I had signed Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead.
And signed Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger. That is my absolutely favorite book in the whole world and it would be nice to have a signed copy in my collection.


To be honest, I have no idea. I read some phenomenal debut authors this year so I honestly don’t have the one I’m waiting on at the moment.


Kasie West, Richelle Mead, Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costello. And of course, Sophie Kinsella.


I feel like I’m waiting on Jess Rothenberg’s new book since the beginning of lifetime. I LOVE her The Chatastrophic History of You and Me and I was sooooo happy when I saw she has a new book called Baby planned to be released, but then I guess something happened and the book is still not published. And now we don’t even hear about it anymore but I still hope Jess will write and publish something. Anything at this point would be good.


Okay, that is it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and I hope I’ll have a chance to read the tag on your blogs too.
I won’t tag anyone particular but I will say that I tag you all and I hope you will decide to do it.

20 thoughts on “The Pokemon Go Book Tag”

  1. I haven’t read The Princess Diaries, but loved the films. My adult book love started with Sophie Kinsella. But my childhood love stemmed from The Secret Seven and then Sweet Valley High.
    Are you playing Pokemon Go Irena?

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    1. Ohh, I played it with my boyfriend this summer but then he got lost interested bc he thinks only kids play it so we’re not playing it anymore. 😦
      I have never read The Secret Seven or Sweet Valley High. I’m not sure, but I don’t think those book are translated into Croatian.

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  2. I really need to do this tag one of these days! We have so many books in common! I really loved those Meg Cabot books, as well. I remember taking them all out of the library and just whipping through them. Pippi Longstocking has to be my favourite children’s book ever. I mean come on, who doesn’t want a pet monkey and a horse on the porch? ❤


  3. I see so much Vampire Academy in this tag 😉
    I totally get it. Vampire Academy is an all time favorite series of mine. It’ll never get old, and I’ll always want more (:
    Great tag! Even though, I admit, I don’t really know most of the other books you mentioned ‘^^

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    1. Vampire Academy is the best series ever. I can’t even imagine something better will (or already is) ever be published.
      Have you heard about 10th years anniversary edition coming out?? I soooo must have it ASAP!


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