I am back and here is my July Wrap Up + Book Haul

Hi guys, long time no see! I took some time off blogosphere, as you probably noticed.
The reason for doing so is that my life just got pretty busy and hectic and I felt like I needed a pause from everything.
I thought I’d just take few days off from reading and blogging, so I could recharge my inner batteries.
Few days turned into week and then even more then a week, but the good thing is I am back now and I do feel better, so I guess taking a little pause when it comes to blogging wasn’t a bad idea.

Now, I have some catching up to do. I guess it will take some time to visit all of you guys on your blogs, but it doesn’t matter.

I plan to post on regular basis from now on and I hope to have at least 2 book reviews per week. I also plan to do some tags and other book related posts. Movie Monday will also be back and of course, some giveaways are planned as well.

Ok, now when I said everything that was on my mind here is my

July Wrap Up:

In month of July I read 1 graphic novel, 1 short story and 6 novels.
Short story turned out to be my favorite read of the month.
This is what I read:

i.d. in a new york minute the fire child The Couple Next DoorThe Paris secret the name I call just kiss me the one that got away


Book Haul:

Here are the books I collected in July:

Freebei: in a new york minute

For review: the hating game just kiss me the one that got away love notes for freddie the summer that melted everything the name I call the moment she left The Couple Next Door

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