Movie Monday: The Longest Ride and Point Break

Movie Monday is a weekly feature here on my blog, in which I’m rambling about movies I’ve watched lately.

This week I watched one romance and one action movie.


The Longest Ride

the longest ride

The Longest Ride is a movie based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks.
It follows two love stories, one being placed in our time, and other being placed in the past.

The story follows a bull rider who’s name I forgot, but is played by Scott Eastwood who wants to qualify to go on championship in Las Vegas.
However, some of his old injuries are standing on his way.

He meets a girl and the story goes from there.

Although I did enjoy watching this movie, I also found it to be pretty boring.
I would still recommend it to girls. But please, if you love your boyfriends, don’t make them watch it with you!


Point Break

point break

I watched this movie yesterday mainly because my boyfriend chose it, as he likes extreme sports.

The story is good, nothing special really, but the scenes we got to see in this movie were simply amazing.

The story follows a guy who was an extreme athlete but after the death of his friend he joins FBI. Now, he works on the case to catch other extreme athletes who break the law while completing their list of missions.

All in all, I pretty much enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to everyone who likes to see some gorgeous scenes with nature in it.


Note: Pictures in this post are not my property but taken from IMDb site and are property of 20th Century Fox andWarner Bros. Pictures.


  1. Interestingly, my husband and I watched The Longest Ride together and enjoyed it, even though it was a little slow-going. I’ve seen Point Break, too, and found it only okay.

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  2. The longest ride isn’t my usual kind of movie so when I watched it, it was interesting to try out something I rarely do. I can’t call it a favorite movie, and I did skip a few parts but overall… it was an interesting watch (:

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  3. Both movies were on my t-watch list and while I did watch some of The Longest Ride, the cliche’s and cheesiness just didn’t do it for me and I ditched it. Point Break I still haven’t seen but the mixed to negative reviews did put me off a little :/

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  4. I enjoy Nicholas Sparks’ books and their film adaptations but I wouldn’t subject hubby to them. In turn, he watches his movies while exercising. Point Break looks pretty good. I haven’t seen either of these yet but I will eventually.


    1. The you understand. I actually told my boyfriend that I wouldn’t make him watch it bc I love him, and at fist he tought there’s something about this movie that I was scared he would see, then he realized what I was saying. It was just a little missunderstanding.


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