April Wrap Up and Book Haul

In April I ended up finishing 10 books and I am so happy about it because that is more book then I usually manage to read during a month.

I had luck when it comes to reading because I ended up liking all the books I read, which means I ratd all of them with more then three stars. Those kind of months are so rare.

Luck was also on my side giveaways wise because I won some amazing books this month.

All in all, I can’t complain!


Withouth further ado, here are the books I read in April:

the second love truth or date splintered timmy winners what's left of me the winner's crime my single friend the nearly weds alisa

My favorite book of the month: the second love


Book Haul:

These are the books I collected in April:


Purchased: the birthday that crazygirl falls in love

Gifted: americANAH the nearly weds

Borrowed: splintered

For review: 06042016040 summer at the comfort a year of being forever with you summer at rose island truth or date people we were before tone deaf

Won: the glittering court stolen songbird unspoken untold unmade michelle madow the santagelos


And that is it!
Guys, now I have so many books to read I feel like I’ll have something to read trough the whole year.
Oh… I only wish I could read faster….


What books have you read in April, which ones you liked and which ones you didn’t?
Have you expanded your book collection?

Tell me everything in the comments! 

9 thoughts on “April Wrap Up and Book Haul”

  1. Ooh you have another Jane Costello, ‘Newly Wedds’ looks like it will be very good. I have been very lucky with winning books this month too. I have SO many to read and review, but I have high hopes for them all. I just wish I had more time to read them all. I’m looking forward to a few summer days in the sun to read.
    Enjoy your books, I hope May will be another good reading month for you, you certainly have lots to choose from.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amanda! I hope you’ll enjoy every book you got!
      I understand you complitely and I hpe you’ll have more time in the Summer to read everything you wat to read.
      Call it karma or however you want, but ever since I started hosting giveaways I also started to win more giveaways.
      Ohh, I already read Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello, I just have to write a decent review for it.
      I actually have some reviews already that I have to post here, and some I still have to write.
      I was a decent reader in April, but was pretty shitty blogger.

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