#hidingReadAThon TBR

Since I obviously live under a rock and find out about everything in a last minute or when it’s already too late, finding out about #hidingReadAThon was no acception.

However, even though I found out about it only today, I still made a decision to join in.

If maybe you’re like me, and don’t know what #hidinReadAThon is about, let me tell you:
It is hosted by lovely Annika from Hiding in Books and it is basically a Read-A-Thon that began yesterday and will last until Monday (Easter days).
You can read Annika’s post about it here.

There are no basic rules, but it is curaged to read as many books as we can and to write.
Since I am not a writer myself, I will write book reviews, blog comments, GR comments and tweets (hey, it is still writing! 😉 ).

When it comes to reading, at this very moment, I am reading three books and I hope to finish, if not all three, then at least two of them.
Here is my TBR (btw, that pink thing is my nook and I’m reading a book called My Map of You on it).


If you want to, you can also join us, because it is never too late, until it’s too late! 🙂

4 thoughts on “#hidingReadAThon TBR”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to join in! I promise next time I do this I’ll actually let people know about it beforehand haha

    Tweets, reviews, and GR and everything else definitely counts as writing! Besides, it’s not like anyone’s being a stickler for rules here 🙂 Write if you want, throw all your pens away if you want, whatever works for you 😉
    Blogger Girl is your Buddy read, right? It sounds really cool!
    So excited to see what you think of all these books!

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  2. Your tbr of #BloggerGirl will be finished for Monday as we are flying through it and loving it. Nice to see you reading another Susan Lewis. I will show my Mum your review of that one as she loves Susan’s books. Not sure if she has read that one.

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    1. Yes, you’re right! We’ll finish Blogger Girl for sure, and now I’m sure I’ll manage to finish My Map of You as well since I have less then 90 pages to go. For No Place To Hide we’ll see, but I’ll finish it this month definitely.
      Ohh, I hope my review will be good enough then if you mum’s gonna read it. 🙂
      And I hope she’ll like the book too if she hasn’t already read it.

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