My very late February Wrap Up + Book Haul

I know, I know… It’s already 10th in the month, and I still haven’t posted my February Wrap Up.

I have no excuses, at least not good ones.
I was away from home and wasn’t smart enough to scedule my blog posts prior to my trip.
That is also the reason why I’ve been MIA for more then a week now and why I wasn’t so active in blogosphere either.

Next time, I’ll be better and smarter, I promise!

Now to the wrap up and haul…

In month of February I read 7 books: 5 novels, 1 short story and 1 graphic novel.

These are the books I read: (click on picture to see my review)

witches a home in morning glories flunked where have all the summer the girl

My favorite book of the month: flunked


Book Haul:

These are the books I collected in February (click on covers to see their Godreads pages):

Purchased: za sva vremena baršunasta visoravan the summer

For a review: springtime Holding Court Cover TO HEAR THE OCEAN SIGH cover print

Won: the second love

I think that’s it. I hope I didn’t forget to mention any.

What books you guys got this month?
Did you read one or two books worth recommending?

Feel free to let me know. 

10 thoughts on “My very late February Wrap Up + Book Haul”

  1. The Witches was an absolute childhood favourite of mine. It’s bringing back so many memories just looking at it. Definitely have to reread it sometime this year, I think. And I’ve just borrowed volume three of Morning Glories so I’m excited to read more of the series. I barely remember vol. 2 though… oops.

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    1. ohh, I know what you mean when it comes to Morning Glories, the same thing happens to me when it takes some time between volumes, but as I read the next one it all slowly comes back…
      But once I finish volume 8 I think I’ll need to reread all of them before next volumes, since I think they don’t come out soon.
      I really love that series, it’s my favorite graphic novel + Deadly Class.

      I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of Witches. I never read it as child, but only recently.
      I think I need to write a real review for that one, I have it in my head, I just need to put it out on “paper”.


    1. I am loving it, but I get lost from time to time. 😀
      I only wish we get to read more about characters that were main ones in first three volumes, but I understand that we have to see the whole picture to understand it.
      I also wish there were more issues in volumes, I feel like they are thinner as story progresses.
      This one + Deadly Class are my favorites.


  2. OMG!! You really read fast, girl!! I’m lucky if I read TWO books a month! Lol. Well, the thing is, I love to read nonfiction, but not many people are interested in that. So sometimes I have several books going, some fiction, and some nonfiction, but I don’t post reviews of the nonfiction ones. I just rate them on Goodreads. Still, I am a slow reader. I wish I could read faster…….:(

    All of those books look TERRIFIC!! I’m going to check them all out on Goodreads! Thanks for sharing your reads and book haul!! 🙂

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    1. Wow, I guess this is the first time someone tells me I am a fast reader. I always feel like a slow one, especially when I see posts on other blogs with 15+, even 20 books read in one month. Then, I’m like: How do they do it?
      I tried speed reading but I failed at that…
      But I decided not to bother with how many books I read, but try to enjoy those that I do read.
      Ohh, I know what you mean, but I think that if you ever want to review non-fiction, there are ppl who’d like to read those too, myself included.
      I don’t read many non-fiction, but I’d like to read more.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! 🙂


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