RYBSAT Read-a-Thon Wrap Up

Yesterday was the last day of RYBSAT Read-a-Thon.  As promissed, today I’m bringing you my RYBSAT recap.

If I told you I was happy with the number of books I read during this Read-a-Thon, I’d be lying.

From five books I had in my TBR, I ended up reading only two (and I barely finished the second one). Honestly, I knew five books in a week was too ambicious for me, but I hoped to finish at least three of them.

I decided not to feel bad about it. Two books in a week is still more then what most people read, and it is satisfying accopmlishment.

I ended up enjoying those two books, and that is what’s most important.

Here is what I read:

the secret by the lake the single girl

The Secret by the Lake was so good that I couldn’t stop thinking about it after finshing it (I still am) and you can read my review for it here, on my blog.

A Single Girl’s to-do List was pretty fun and was a good choice to pick up after my first-read. The review for it will be up this week.

Participating in twitter sprints was really fun although I found myself chatting with others more times then actually reading, so I am not sure that was a good choice when it comes to reaching my reading goal, but I am not sorry because we had some great chats and I would do it again in no-thinking.

In fact, I am sure I’ll be participating in the next RYBSAT Read-a-Thon whenever one will be announced.

In the end, let’s not forget my reading buddies, Prince Ash and Bella, who were with me most of the time I was reading. Not only were they rooting for me with their purring, but were also great models when I wanted to take pictures of my read.

21012016007 CZUT_7QWEAA8Cv6

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